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I finished Bound. A great game, even if it's a bit janky the art direction made up for it. I liked that many of the paths seem to have an easy and harder route, making the game more approachable to people of all skill level.


Just started up Dark Soul's 3 for the first time. It's always so hard to get into a souls game, dying alot right now...


I've picked up a temp job picking potatoes to pay the bills as the real job hunt continues. Current status:


Minutes left on the clock, gotta do something for catgirl Friday!!!


Shout out to Chris Bradshaw for the copy of Shantae and The Pirate's Curse, I finally got around to beating the thing. That last level really ramped up the difficulty, overall a great game.


So I just upgraded my phone from a galaxy S4 to S6. I can't seem to find the Destructoid app on the google store, does it still exist?


Powerful, beautiful, badass. Happy 30th Samus.


Just cracked a beer to kick off the weekend and to celebrate Catgirl Friday. It's a good day.


So if you want some really high quality Witcher 3 prints, Cook & Becker just came out with a collection of prints. CD Projekt Red does some wicked art. Link in comments.


I fix that Lady Layton design...


Deploying more catgirls, we can’t lose this battle!


Power Metal Tuesday, lets keep it rolling with some music from good old Finland


The thing that runs through my head whenever someone says "I can't help it". That silky smooth voice will forever be ingrained in my head.


Have we really gone this long without acknowledge the greatest Disney character?


How to sell me a game in one phrase.


All this talk of sequels got me thinking. Someone needs to make a version of Kickstarter where fans can raise money to show how much money a company could make if they delivered a certain product. I know there’s a few series I would throw money to reviv


I just started getting into Odin Sphere, so stoked on this game, it’s leagues better than the PS2 version. The combat system is amazing and the fact that they gave Gwendolyn ice powers makes me love it so much more. Ice power = best powers


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