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Hello World, It's Stitchin' Time!

Hi everyone! Id like to introduce myself. My names Andrea, but you can call me Stitch Please. This is my first post on Destructoid, and Im very new to the community. I found out about this wonderful place through ConfusionBomb and Shadowsinthenyte, both of whom I met at Magfest. You may remember me from the Magfest Artisans post, yup; Im the cross stitch girl. For those of you who want to see more cool cross stitch stuff, boy are you in the right place! As part of introducing myself, Id like to give you an idea of what I make and love to do.

For good measure, here's a zombie from Zombie Ate My Neighbors. I <3 LucasArts.

Well now that youve seen all of the cool stuff Ive made, Ive got a promise for you. Ill keep you up to date on all the projects Im doing, but Ill also find more of this cool geekcraft stuff you may be hearing about. So be sure to add me and watch my blog as I find the coolest craftiest stuff for gamers on the internet. Stitch ya later!
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About Stitch Pleaseone of us since 6:45 PM on 01.27.2011

So meet my girlfriend: Andrea Purcell.
She doesn�t like talking about herself so I get to do that with this bio. When I found her, she was a fan of comics and gaming and not much else. We met while playing a pen and paper RPG in the back of comic shop. But her gaming love runs deeper. She started playing NES with her mom and can roundly kick my ass at Dr. Mario to this day. She scavenged a PSX from a dumpster to play Final Fantasy 7, now that is devotion that I can�t match. She has chosen to now express her devotion to gaming in a new interesting way. She cross-stitches it, this is beyond cool. Illustrating each pixel with thread on a canvas background, so cool. (Yeah she played Kirby�s epic yarn are you really surprised.) We keep moving forward in gaming still. Her with her Nintendo and Mario love and I with my 360 and Bioware love.
Her boyfriend, Conan.
Xbox LIVE:idieclassy
Mii code:7294022310616789


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