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It's been nice knowing you guys.

I picked up Magician's Quest for the DS today. It was twenty bucks can you really blame me. Ever play Animal Crossing? This is Animal Crossing. Same kind of maps, same anthropomorphic animals, same goddamn tools, same collection system,...


In what could be the most awesome news of the day, the University of Calgary (thatís in Canada) has decided to open up a gaming collection in March 2011. The best part of this story is that theyíre not the first ones to do it. The Univers...


This is relevant to your interests.

Video games have always been a huge part of my life. I am perfectly aware how clichť and stupid that sounds. But ever since the Christmas of 1996, Iíve played video games. My brother, Brilliam, got an SNES that year. It was the first sys...


This article is about nothing.

I really wanna review a game. But every goddamn game I own is old. Seriously, I havenít bought a game in ages. And all the games I have bought what can be considered recently are old. I always wait for months after a game comes out to get ...


Behind The Time.

So guess what's I'm buying next week? That's right, whoever said XBox 360. An XBox 360. Yeah, I'm a little behind the times, but at least I'm finally getting one. Before PS3 or Wii fans start complaining, know that I'm getting it because ...



So, for the nobody who is reading this, welcome. I really don't know too much about this site except that it has to do with video games. My brother (the oh-so-great Brilliam [God, I hope he didn't see that]) introduced it to me when he said...


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