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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid
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you guys suck at guessing heights. none of you would make it as a carny (except occams).


how tall do you think everyone that works for destructoid is? you may also simplify and simply rank staff in order of presumed height if you don't want to come up with hard numbers.


Podtoid listeners are insanely lucky the USA bombed Syria right AFTER we recorded, thus the new episode is all jokes instead of me being insanely fucking mad! Give it a listen!


yooka laylee is...not good. it could've come out on N64 and still not been good. it feels like a forgotten THQ PS2 game. the writing is way too self-referential, the "quizzes" are GARBAGE, & characters are just real-word things w/ googly eyes.


so baseball season...and to rent day...which i am not equipped to make...but at


hooray! now that trumpcare has flamed out i...still can't afford to see a doctor to fix my mangled shoulder b/c the Affordable Care Act was a fundamentally conservative piece of legislation & we need to fight for a single-payer, Medicare-for-All solution


if nintendo had canceled the new zelda you could've done a great feature called Mourning Breath of the Wild


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