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comrades, it's that time again...all dogs to the timeline!


friends! countrymen! comrades! episode 2 of my heart's replacement for Podtoid is up and atom if you're into brief tales about Korean DOOM uncles.


happy friday, comrades. if you've missed Podtoid of late, know that i've missed podcasting. which is why i've gone and done a new podcast, [url="https://soundcloud.com/more-than-friends"]More Than Friends[/url]. we talked abt ps4 once.


turns out there's no efficient way to give out a huge amount of random games. gotta go to costco so the giveaway is on pause. here's Noitu Love: Devolution for Wii U: B0Y2HGHS1C42TJ57


this is tank troopers for 3DS. CJ made me play this with him. make someone you hate play it with you, too! #1: B0QVTKP34J560HTY #2: B0QVTKTX372TB48R


love too actually go on vacation for once and then lose all the photos when your year-old phone shits the bed (:


y'all are gonna see what the D-Team got up to this week


sorry there was supposed to be a photo attached but it was unrelated anyways so I guess it's fine here you go


LA people where you at? ain't no party like a dtoid party.


I guess I should pack for my flight that's in less than 8 hours


is it no longer considered badass to have multiple monitors? did practical reality finally catch up to this trend or do you need like five to even bother taking a picture at this point?


2oz vodka, 1/2oz lime, 2oz mango juice, top off glass w/ (alcoholic!) ginger beer. beat the heat wave, comrades.


got to watch a 35MM print of Perfect Blue last night. only print that exists on this side of the country. pretty cool. unfortunately it was in english (i've only ever seen it in japanese) and that dub is....rough. marred an otherwise dope experience.


whom at atlus is horny for medical professionals


podtoid's recording! get your questions in ;)


you guys suck at guessing heights. none of you would make it as a carny (except occams).


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