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My thoughts on Final Fantasy 13

Okay, first off let me say, this game is good and can definitely be enjoyed. It looks amazing and the paradigm system is a great way to battle. This game also tests players skill more than any other game in the series...and that's a goo...


Please bring Mass Effect to the big screen

Normally I am totally against video games becoming movies but in the case of Mass Effect, I need this. I'm intrigued by the story in this "game" but I use the term game loosely. I went ahead and picked up the first Mass Effect because t...


Dante's Inferno and Cock Shots

Before I get going here, allow me to say, I agree with Chester that this game is good deserves a 9/10. If you just accept it as a good 3rd person action game and just play it, it's pretty damn fun. You have probably heard about a lot of...


A Trip Down Memory Lane...with Battletoads

I got to sit down the other day with a friend of mine and reminiscence about some of the old games we use to play that we thought were so awesome and in a moment of pure nostalgia we popped in Battletoads. Now don't get me wrong, I love ...


Tuesday, a new beginning...

So this Tuesday marks the release of Dante's Inferno and with that release I once again will get the pleasure of kicking the shit out of another fantastic game. I have been waiting for this one for some time now and to satiate my hunger ...


my drug of choice

As we all know, there is a lot of controversy surrounding video games...thats nothing new to us gamers. The shitty thing is, with dip fucks stabbing their father's in the neck over shit like fifa '09, it just makes the uphill battle that...


video games are for smart people

Quite an interesting article I stumbled across here. I have always attributed video games for a lot of the things that I have learned and discovered over the years and now I finally have some proof. This article describes how the the si...


Gamestop employees

Before I kick this whole thing off, allow me to say that I enjoy having conversations with some of the employees at gamestop and that I don't consider them all to be completely ignorant dip fucks. However, today I stopped in to pick up a...


Lords of Shadow

This new Castlevania is creating a truck stop in my pants because I have a semi after watching the trailer again. I think this game is going to be T. U. F. F. Tough. With a voice cast of Pat Stewart, Natascha McElhone, Robert Carlyle and Ja...


First Post

Okay, Im gonna spruce things up shortly, but for now, I just beat Army of 2: 40th Day...what a drag. That game was not a bad game to play through with a friend but I seriously had no clue what was going on other than the fact that shit was...


About Steve Scottone of us since 12:58 PM on 01.20.2010

I got my first NES when I was 5 years old and that was the start of a glorious relationship. I have played everything from Bad Dudes and Zanac on NES to Darksiders and Arkham Asylum. I have never been too into online gaming but I did play WoW for 2 months and got to level 50 before it lost its appeal. I'm a firm believer that I could titty fuck the butt cheeks off of any game out there though. I beat shinobi which is one of the worst games ever and I beat Ninja Gaiden Black on Ninja Master Mode which is one of the best games ever. My favorite style of games are probably 3rd person action titles such as Devil May Cry/Ninja Gaiden/God of War but I also love a good RPG like Final Fantasy 12 and Chrono Trigger with FF7 being my favorite game of all time.

Right now I'm waiting on...

Dante's Inferno
God of War 3
Final Fantasy 13.

Top Ten Games off the top of my head

1) Final Fantasy 7

2) Chrono Trigger

3) Devil May Cry

4) Final Fantasy 9

5) Final Fantasy 12

6) Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

7) Super Metroid

8) God of War

9) Resident Evil 4

10) Castlevania : Symphony of the Night

That's no particular order and I'm sure that if I thought about it I would change a lot of them because there are so many ass beating bad mother fucking games out there. My favorite series of all time is Castlevania too by the way.

72 muffuckas