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Metal Gear Anniversary News: Metal Gear Online Updates to 1.33

[Authors Note: Apologies in advance for the srsbsns text and all, so to make up for it, I'm sprinkling picture of me blowing myself up in in MGO to break up the text]

Konami decided to start the one year annaversary of Metal Gear Solid 4 with a big BANG yesterday. They announced that they are going to be announcing more Metal Gear related things. Well, today is the next day, and we have the FIRST(stop lying to the people Jim Sterling, Bikinis were last weeks updates) piece of annaversary related Metal Gear stuff, mainly the Metal Gear Online patch version 1.33. Details can be found on the Metal Gear Online [url=http://www.konami.jp/mgo/us/hd/support/version.html[/url], but I'm-a go ahead and give you the low down here anyhow.

RANDOM EXPLOSION make me look like I am PSYCHIC or something!!

First and foremost, update 1.33 includes the update 1.32 that Japan and Europe have had for over a month. This includes a wealth of glitch fixes related to the SCENE expansion maps and characters. It's a long list, but they include things like bullets piercing the shield in all the wrong places(ya know...areas other than just the Eye hole), the Metal Gear Mk. 2 getting stuck on top of chairs in Hazard House, Vamp and Raiden's throwing knives not hitting people hiding in boxes, and game crashes related to Raiden hitting the Mk. 2 with his H.F. Blade.

RANDOM EXPLOSION lifts me off the ground >.<

Also part of update 1.32/1.33 are a wealth of weapon rebalances, mainly pertaining to the pistols and sub-machine guns. The Mk.23(aka. the SOCOM) got nerfed, now taking 5-6 body shots to kill someone, and has a drastically reduced headshot kill range. The GSR and the Operator got slight buffs to put their power levels in line with the Mk.23(which makes sense since the three use the same bullet type). The G18C was changed too, but I'm not quite sure how. The Vz.83 got a slight Lock-On range reduction, but the bullets do a slight more damage, and it seems to have a bit more bullet spread when aiming over the shoulder. The P90 also seems to do a bit more damage, and the lock-on range is insane for it. Spray seems a bit reduced, at least, for a short time after you start.

RANDOM EXPLOSION make's me hard to see >.<

Some skills were retooled too, mainly the CQC EX skill. Now the counter only works when someone tries CQCing you from the front 180 degrees. The one handed slam is no longer an instant slam, and you can no longer counter any CQC moves when held up by Snake in Sneaking mode, or in Team Sneak mode.

RANDOM EXPLOS...no wait, that one wasn't random >.<

Next is the 1.33 specific updates. There are two mainly. First, is a new map, called Icebound Inferno. It's the Shadow Moses map that was rumored to drop from a few weeks ago. It's the area based on the Crying Wolf boss fight from MGS4 in it's entirety. The visibility is low, and white is the color of choice for hiding here. Also with this update comes Old Snake as a playable character in other modes outside of the regular Sneaking mode. I'll give my impressions of how Snake plays in a later blog after I get a chance to play as him.

So, how does this updat sound to you? is it the refreshing blast of icy cool air that will draw you into MGO with a boom(RANDOM EXPLOSION)? How do you think the rest of the anniversary week will be based on how this reveal is? We already know that we're getting Naked Snake's gear from MGS3 as buyable clothing items for our characters this thursday, but what else could Kojima and company have in store for us?

I look foward to seeing you on the battlefield sometime.

My MGO characters on battlefields
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