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Instant Replay: Legend Of Mana


Legend Of Mana opening

[Obligatory Spoiler Warning]
[Please forgive the image quality. Some photos were taken by laptop camera]

I've played a lot of games in my life. Very rarely have I played a game that makes me restart it(via a new game or new game+) directly after finishing it. Only one game has made me do that over 5 times. The variety of quests and equipment provide that unique twist to each playthrough. The episodic nature of the stories doesn't hurt either.

Upon starting a new game you'll be asked 4 things. You'll get your standard questions: choose your character(male or female), choose a starting weapon type, and name yourself. Then you'll be asked something...different.

Best book EVAR!

All these elements blend together into one package that shouldn't fit on one Playstation disk. It's a package where I pop it in, and view through the window in to a world filled with interesting characters and stories. It's one where I can play through it once, and the second time find something new in it. It's a game that makes me feel like I'm there, not because it was made to look that way. It's not drawn hyper-realistically. Its not in an "immersive" perspective. It's the way the stories inside the disk are written. They include me as a character. I can meet some people. I can help some people. I can hurt some people. Then I can do it all over again, and maybe run into some old friends.
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