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{Update}*TGS* Aftermath-MGO World Tournament 2008

[Authors Note: Sorry for some odd spacing in some areas, but BBCode sux and doesn't
complete the URL tag when posted over multiple lines. Seriously, Hamza, or whoever would
do something about that, please do something about that. I think I was able to compensate
well enough in the vid list though.]

Saturday I posted some weak coverage(warning, tourney spoilers) of
the MGO tournament. I said if I found more videos I would post them here. Well, the host
of JJBBLive.com has finally uploaded his stream as youtube videos. The stream was split
into seven minute videos(considering its 125 mins total...) making the total amount of
videos 20. In the efforts of saving space, I'm just posting links and not embedding all the
videos. I'll put the links in blocks centered around the event they're most related to.
Considering the event went down at the Tokyo Game Show, all the commentary is in
Japanese without subtitles or translation(though English speaking contestants still speak
English). And so...

The videos in chronological order:

Individuals Competition Semi-Finals:
Vid 1:
Individuals Competition Opening; Rules, player intros
Vid 2:
Individuals Competition Semi-Final Match 1
Vid 3:
Individuals Competition Semi-Final Match 1 Result and Player interview
Vid 4:
Individuals Competition Semi Final Match 2
Vid 5:
Individuals Competition Semi-Final Match 2 Result and Player interview

Team Competition Semi-Finals:
Vid 6:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match one
Vid 7:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match one continued
Vid 8:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match one Results and Player Interview
Vid 9:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match Two
Vid 10:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match Two; Restarted due to a Disconnection
Vid 11:
Team Competition Semi Final Match Two Continued
Vid 12:
Team Competition Semi-Final Match Two Results and Player Interviews

Vid 13:
Waiting for The tournament to resume. Random MGO in the background

Individuals Competition Final:
Vid 14:
Individual Competition Finals(skip to about 2 mins into the vid for it)
Vid 15:
Individual Competition Result and Player Interviews

Team Competition Final:
Vid 16:
Individual Competition Player Interviews continued, and Team Competition Finals Rules and
Map explanation.
Vid 17:
Team Competition Final
Vid 18:
Team Competition Final Results and Player Interviews

Award Ceremony:
Vid 19:
Award Ceremony Begins
Vid 20:
Award Ceremony - Kojima meets the winners, makes a speech

The MGO website also updated their tournaments page with a list of the
winners and
participants. So, was
this exciting, or are you disappointed that North America didn't
place first in either competition?

In other related news, it was revealed that the MEME expansion pack will be released in
November of this year. There is not a specific date though.
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