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APB: Reloaded. There's new info.

Last week I wrote about the new APB:Reloaded beta starting up. Well, it's one week later, and they let 10,000 people in with the first wave. First concession was letting in players what had participated somehow with the original APB. I kno...


MGO expansion pack MEME dated.... Japan. Some interesting information comes about from this though. The GENE expansion plus(the one with the extra (character slot) will be discontinued at the time of MEME's release. Replacing it will be a MEME+GENE bundle for the sa...


Instant Replay: Legend Of Mana

Legend Of Mana opening [Obligatory Spoiler Warning] [Please forgive the image quality. Some photos were taken by laptop camera] I've played a lot of games in my life. Very rarely have I played a game that makes me restart it(via a new ga...


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