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Stereotoid Special: Mr. Dillinger Interviews Mark Hoskings of Karnivool!


So we have a very special surprise for everyone today! Everyone's favorite resident Aussie madman Mr. Dillinger managed to nail a Stereotoid-exclusive telephone interview with Mark Hoskings of Karnivool. These guys have managed to make a big splash in the Aussie rock scene with their intense and unique sound, and are nowhere near finished yet! Take a look at this video, and in case it's a little too hard to figure out what they're saying, vApathyv has taken the liberty of attempting to transcribe it to you, though the results may not be accurate as he doesn't really have a good grasp of the Australian tongue. Enjoy!

Hey, this is Dillinger from Stereotoid, and today I'll be chatting with Mark Hosking from Karnivool. Going off of what Wikipedia says, Karnivool is an alternative rock/progressive metal band from Perth, Western Australia formed in 1997. Mainstays are Andrew 'Drew' Goddard on lead guitar and Ian Kenny on lead vocals. They won five West Australian Music Industry Awards (WAMi Awards) in 2007 for 'Most Popular Act', 'Most Popular Live Act', 'Best Male Vocalist', who also worked with rapper Phrase on the official Halo 3 anthem for Australia called 'Face It', 'Best Guitarist' and 'Best Hard Rock Act'. Karnivool's second album, Sound Awake, debuted at #2 on the ARIA Album Charts on 15 June 2009. Personally I believe Karnivool to be one of the best musical acts to come out of Australia and deserve the praise the band is receiving. During extensive tours through Europe and the US, I managed to get on the phone with guitarist Mark Hosking.

Mr. Dillinger: So tell us about Europe and the States, what's some standout locations and some standout memories, like if you look back on it what is it that stood out to you?

Mark Hoskings: Umm, well the whole tour as a whole man, was pretty impressive for us, just because you know, the combination of places we've never been before, and the audiences that we'd never had the chance to play for before. And the other side, at America, we hadn't really touched ground since 2007 to get back there and play again. And actually to see the crowds grow like they had, it was very impressive, and at the time I was thinking, landing in a place where at the time we didn't have a record coming out, it was coming the following week, but then I was really glad to see that our crew could put their finger on the map with 100% accuracy (laughs). To go to a place like that and have like, 300 people come down to watch you and come up to you and combination of that and some really good shows in London and just great places in America and of course the people that brought us in in 2007 and showed people the album and just, all this feedback.

Mr. Dillinger: In places like Alsike, did you expect to have followers in places like that, or?

Mark Hoskings: No, we didn't! And the way we try to work is to get areas that we can try to build on. And honestly the first time you're there, you don't really expect a lot of people to turn up and you don't expect a market outside of people who are prepared to spend that kind of money and see you play. But Alsike was an amazing surprise and it sorta set the bar for the new territories that we were tackling, ya know. We had 300 people come down to Alsike and then we did Denmark, and Norway, and a few other places, and yeah, it was, it was really surprising the amount of people comin' down. You never anticipate these sort of things, you just sorta hope that you made a plan and ya know...(laughs)

But the worst situation is that they don't, but when they do it's just a warm surprise and it makes for a really good show. And it's nice that we can go to these places and count on all these heads showing up.

Mr. Dillinger: Were they always welcoming overseas, or were there times you experienced where you were sorta planning with people who just didn't wanna buy into it or, anything like that?

Mark Hoskings: Well not really man. I mean you occasionally get pockets of people that stand in the back with their arms folded, but I guess the principle of why we like playing overseas as opposed to playing shows in Australia is that you really gotta strive to win these
crowds over, despite those guys standing in the back with their arms folded, and you're thinking 'what am I here for'. They might have heard an album or a song or something and they might thing it was okay, but they're not quite sure if they'll enjoy the gig so they have their critic hats on. And that's good, you like that, but the principle of it is by the end of the gig you're hoping to get them halfway down the floor and dancing along. But it's something that always happens, you occasionally get those people that stand in the back the whole gig and
look like they're yawning. (Laughs)

It's pretty rare though, which I guess is a good thing.

Mr. Dillinger: Well one of the bands that you'll be doing the new day tour with, MM9, I spoke with them just recently about their new debut album The Year Between, and they told me that the origins of the album title came from a philosophy known as 'The Year Between The Eye And The Object', and that was in reference to being able to see or having in mind what it is that a person sets out to create. Now, are you able to create on stage and in recordings what you conjure up in your mind?

Mark Hoskings:, no. (Laughs)

Mr. Dillinger: No?

Mark Hoskings: Well I dunno, I mean...that's the thing though, isn't it? The mind is just a billion times better then what we give it credit for. And the reproduction from that to a CD, we're always gonna lose a great deal, and I guess all you can do is hope that that original vision you had in mind isn't thoroughly tweaked or twisted when it does come out. You know you think it, and you're doing something, and the eyes give you it and then there's what's possible, and you usually hope for the idea works for what is physically possible or at least somewhere in between and you just hope it turns out something possible. But yeah, it's an interesting world. I think that the human mind is capable of some outrageous things, half of 'em being beyond human at times, but I think the idea of reprocessing something as your mind sees it is slightly out of reach. But definitely something you should aspire for.

Mr. Dillinger: Now going back to the wait between albums, there was such an anticipated wait between Themata and Sound Awake that it really built up a lot of hype and a lot of anticipation. Now should we expect the same kind of wait for the next installment?

Mark Hoskings: Umm...well...I dunno. (Both laugh)

It's, well, it'll be ready when it's ready, we don't have any apologies for that.

Mr. Dillinger: Well that's fair enough.

Mark Hoskings: The way we write though is very hybrid as far as the way we put it together as a band and as individuals but, I honestly don't think it will take that long, but you never know with us. 'Cuz, you know, Themata was 90% finished when we went into the studio, Sound Awake was 80% finished when we went into the studio...we just don't know how we're gonna do things. We've already got a lot of good ideas, we've already started tracking songs, writing music, and it's all sorta flowing out of us for sure but, you know. But for the next one, and what we wanna do as musicians and the fact that we never want an album to sound like our last album, so ya know, we gotta make it something different. But you know, we'll make it something big and surprising and wonderful but there's no telling how long that's taking. (Laughs)

Mr. Dillinger: Can you umm, let us know what you guys have in mind? Like a few ideas you've stocked up in recent times, or is that for when we actually listen to the album?

Mark Hoskings: You know, I think ya might hear that one on TV.

Mr. Dillinger: (Laughs)

Mark Hoskings: But there's definitely a direction we're taking, it's a culmination of every thought we've ever put on a disc, so there's definitely a lot of ideas there, a lot of thought and direction of how we want it to be, but yeah we better not give away too much.

So there you go guys! Hope you enjoyed this as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you, and rest assured we'll have plenty of interviews to look forward to in the future. So enjoy, comment, and hopefully we'll see you all tomorrow!
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