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"Previously on (insert episodic game here)..."

Way back in the early 00�s, developers became enamoured with the idea of episodic content. It was a dream everybody could believe in. Well, believe in more than, say, the VR storage system in the Michael Douglas/Demi Moore turkey, Discl...


...And So I Watch You From Afar

For all its low budget faults, and lack of ambition, there�s a mesmeric quality to Grasshopper Manufacture�s Michigan: Report From Hell. Your role is strictly supportive, as the only true requirement is to keep filming for a news network...


Groundhog Day: One DeSoto, Two Carefree Owners

�Friends?!! We�ve only been out together three times, and you�re already telling me you just want to be friends?!� And so began a crazy obsession of mine. One that featured a Bogart-esque dog and a �rabbit-thing� chasing a Bigfoot acro...