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Pokemon: Fix it!

Judging from the recent images of Pokemon Black and White, I'd wager they very only slightly from every other Pokemon game. I could be wrong, but judging by the history of Pokemon games it'll probably be more of less the same damn thing w...


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I am Fuzunga. That's how I'm known in the Gaming world, at least. I've been a gamer since the good 'ol days of N64. Never had a Super Nintendo. Always wanted one. Anyway, the first game I ever owned was Super Mario 64. It was hard as hell for a seven-year-old kid! But that's where my love of gaming took off. Since then, I've owned just about every mainstream console available (except the PS3), and I've also owned my fair share of obscure ones (Zodiac, anyone?). It was back in the early days of the naughts that I decided to combine my two loves, gaming and writing, to create a newsletter I distributed at school. GameWeb, as is was called, became my own personal blog in December of 2004. It wasn't the only blog I had, though, and in December 2007 I decided to merge my "stuff" blog with my "games" blog. And thus, Installation 04 was born. Each year, we get better and better content-wise, but I'm looking to get that great content out to a wider audience. Enter Destructoid. If you enjoy my selected posts, check out the full thing at at Installation 04. Sure, it ain't the most glamorous thing around, but it's the content that matters, right? These days it's been mostly just me, but I sometimes get a little help from my friends.

A bit more about me: I have been and always will be a Nintendo man. I love oldschool games and I love how the XBLA brought them back to prominence. In dark times, I almost shunned Nintendo and gave in to the ways of the Xbox but I've learned that the two can live in harmony. So I'm a Wii60 guy now. Sony can F off. They're dirty, rotten, copycats. And to think I was almost considering buying a PS3. And then they showed off Move. And now I don't care again. Also, I hate uber competitive gamers, especially when I just want to have some fun online and you people make it SO DIFFICULT because you take everything SO SERIOUSLY! Calm the hell down! It's just a game! Have fun with it. The purpose is to have fun. And as you can probably tell, I'm not an achievement whore.