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Unwinding the Mind: Writer's Block Sucks, These Games Don't

You know what I always have trouble doing? I have trouble starting up writing projects. It could be an essay thatís due the next day, a story that Iíll never write, or even a simple blog. No matter the material, Iím always caught with writerís block before any writing even begins! Once I do find a way to get started, however, I just keep going and going and eventually find myself at the end of my writing. Keeping that in my mind encourages me to fight through my writerís block, so Iím able to knock it out of the park.

Anyways, letís pick up where we left off.

If you would have asked me about 5 months ago if Bioshock was a good game, I would have told you I hadnít played it nor had any intention on playing it. Enter the announcement of Bioshock Infinite. The trailer and previews for that game just had me in awe. The game looked incredible and I just had to go back and play the first two games before Infiniteís release, and boy was I glad I did.

Bioshock is such a unique game with such a unique world. The city of Rapture brings such an amazing atmosphere into the game. An underwater city filled with scary Big Daddies, creepy Little Sisters and people who have gone insane all set in an alternate history in the 1960s. Whatís not to love? I was also surprised at how great the game looked being over 3 years old. The graphics did a fine job immersing me into the gameís world.

The gameplay was also superb. I always appreciate shooters that incorporate elements found in role-playing games, especially when theyíre done so spectacularly. Shoot guns in your right hand, and perform upgradable ďmagicalĒ abilities, called plasmids, with your left. How awesome is that?

I was really satisfied with how my game ended and am eagerly ready to hop back into the Bioshock universe and do some things differently. Iím really glad I decided to give Bioshock a chance.

I definitely recommend this game to those who enjoy Shooters and/or RPG adventures.

Dead Space was another gem I would have skipped out on had I not seen trailers and previews of its sequel. This horror game looked too awesome to pass up. Iím not into horror games myself. Iíd like to say itís because they donít interest me, but the real reason is because Iím a big pussy. Iíve always watched my brothers play all the horror games and had an awesome time watching them, but wanted nothing to do with playing them. That all changed with Dead Space.

I couldnít have lost my horror-virginity to a better game. The scares are cheap, the score is creepy, and the graphics are oh so gruesome. However, unlike other horror games I remember, I did not once feel like I was helpless. Even though Isaac is an engineer, heís a damned good gun-wielder. Completing task after task proved that everybodyís errand-boy, Isaac, was a force to be reckoned with. Even though I felt like a super hero, I still fell for a lot of the cheap scares, and my heart jumped quite a few times.

This game was super fun and Iíll definitely be going back for another play-through. This game deserves a play if you have not played it!

If there were a genre called Crazy-Over-the-Top-ACTION!, Bayonetta would definitely be the first game I could think of that fits that genre. I donít think Iíve ever played a game thatís so fun and so silly at the same time. From gigantic demon dragon things to doing sexually awkward poses during combat, this game has all of the action and silliness in-between.

I could care less about the story; in fact, I have no idea what the hell is going on other than the fact that Bayonetta is a witch trying to figure out her past. All I care about is how fun this game is, and thatís all I want in my video games. The combat is so fun, seamless, and over-the-top, it makes Batman: AAís combat seam dry and dull. Bayonetta carries four guns, 2 in her hands and 2 on her shoes. Not to mention she can pick up enemiesí weapons, make time slow down with every successful dodge, and perform crazy-ass executions once she has enough magic. It feels so satisfying when you clear out an area full of enemies without getting hit once.

Iíve only gotten about half-way through the game, but from what Iíve played already, this game definitely deserves at least a try, especially if you like fun!

Still on my Sci-Fi fix thanks to Firefly, I decided to give Battlestar: Galactica a try. This show is awesome, plain and simple. The space combat action is some of the best stuff Iíve seen in a television show. The drama raises more and more each episode. Also, the entire cast of characters feels fleshed out and worth investing your time in, even the bad guys. Not to mention, Tricia Helfer is so damn sexy to me.

What really draws me into the show, however, is the premise of the story. Humanity is down to less than 50,000 people after an attack on their home planet, Caprica, by a robot force humanity created called the Cylons. Everyone thatís left alive is traveling the galaxy, with the military, in search for Earth in order to rebuild their civilization.

Even though this show is fictional, itís definitely presented in a realistic way that has me constantly thinking, what if this were to really happen?

BSG has become one of my new favorite shows in a while and Iíd be a fool not to recommend it to others.

It looks like the format of this blog is, talk about a few games, recommend them, and then recommend a show on Netflix. I donít necessarily want the format of this blog to be like this all the time, but thatís pretty much how Iíve been spending most of my free time for the past few weeks.

Hopefully Iíll have more interesting or insightful things to talk about in future blogs, especially since the semester just started back up. Iíll be out in the wild more, and we all know all the interesting things worth talking about happens out in the world.

Anyways, thanks for reading!
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