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It Runs In The Family: Memories That Last Forever Pt.1

Everyone on Destructoid has a reason for how they became gamers, and for a few of us, our siblings were a big part of that reason. My brothers are the reason I�m such an avid gamer today. I would like to share my story with you all.

[Sidenote: I�ve decided to use nicknames for my brothers. BP (oldest), JP (2nd oldest), and Nate (3rd oldest).]

*Stares with amazement* I�ve never seen so many different colored controllers before..

My brothers and I finally had a console that we all could play at once. With that in mind, we got a bunch of 4-player games. Golden Eye, Mario Kart 64, and Star Fox 64 were the most frequent games we played. There were countless nights of all 4 of us playing these games, having the time of our lives. Golden Eye itself was a must have game if you wanted a 4-player game as was Mario Kart 64. Even though I wasn�t very good in Golden Eye or Star Fox 64 (I fucking owned in Mario Kart 64), I didn�t let it bother me. As long as I got to play video games with all of my brothers I was happy. We all had an amazing time with the N64. Some of my best gaming memories are with that console.

Nowadays, my brothers and I don�t co-op very much, if at all. With BP a father now, JP working and going to school, and Nate and I preparing for our next step toward our future, there hasn�t been time made for a good co-op session. We all still play games, but we play them on our own times. We�ll all still have good video game discussions as well, but it�s not how it used to be. I miss the days we all used to stay up well past our bed times, playing games, or watching each other play them. I miss the days when my brothers taught me how to play a new game. I miss the days when we were closer.

I love my brothers to death. Even though things aren�t how they used to be, I�m ok with it because I know change happens and for the most part, it can be good for us. We all have either started or are getting ready to start the next chapter of our lives and I�m proud of all of us.

At least we all will carry these memories with us forever.

[Stay tuned for part 2 of my Monthly Musing, where I share memories of gaming with my dad and cousins.]
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