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Oh, do we have a surprise for you. (minor update!)

Mind you, there's good and bad to be had because we're all cad...s. Anyway, so yeah. First, we have a video. Remember the DToid helmet made in Gmod some time ago? Of course you do! If you forgot, here it is below:

Got it memorized? Good, as here's the making-of vid.

Yes, it's sped up, but it took us a good long while to make, and why not enjoy the music before Youtube comes down hard on us like the lawyery hawks they are? D:

And there's something else. We recorded a podcast last night. But...well, here's the link. Now, a word of warning. This is honestly the Podcast From Hell. Why? Well, for some reason the recording cut off the first five minutes or so of our recording, so we start with Wasteland giving his games of the week. And...well, it was just all sorts of chaotic, truth be told. I dunno.

Yes, we know it sucks. We're gonna improve and maybe put out an actual episode 1. For now, 0-2 is gonna have to sate your appetite for terribleness.

UPDATE: So if the link didn't work for you, try this out. Something was weird with Mediafire, sorry!

And our resident mixmaster l0cke gave us an interesting mix here. Thanks l0cke for turning our suck into cool!
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