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Do we REALLY need a new generation of game consoles"


Nintendo first announced the Wii in 2004 and I'm sure that is what lead the race to the new Generation of Consoles. A year later, not only did the Wii was officially shown, but Sony showed of the Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360. 2005 was the year the 360 came out and it was released with one of the worst things that could happen to a new system. The breaking down of consoles, Something that is currently happening with the Playstation Vita, once the 360 becomes too hot it will break. This forced Microsoft loosing a lot of money in damages. It wasn't until a year later where they made another model of the system. Even with the new model the failure rate was still pretty high.

This was a common sight for the first 2 years.

Sony, on the other hand, released the PS3 a year after the 360 with an unbelievable price point. $600. That is way to high for a console. The other problem Sony had with the PS3 was that the PS2 was still selling like crazy. The library the PS2 has was phenomenal and they still had games coming out for it. Persona and God of War II being the last games it had. Sony killed the PS2 almost 3 years after the PS3 was released. Now, after some time has passed, you can buy it less than half the original price. Not only that, along with the 360, it's been better built. Some mistakes was corrected and the price is just right.

Not only the price dropped, we got more gigs for memory.

When it came to HD Nintendo was dead last. They were just using a slightly updated version of the Gamecube's graphic chip. The games looked better, yeah, but it didn't look like anything the 360 and PS3 was doing. So instead of focusing on that, they looked at the way to play the game. Hence forth, the Wii-Mote. Motion control was on it's way, but will it last?

That was a resounding yes. I don't think anybody, outside of Nintendo, had any idea that this would change gaming. The way it handled and the way it allowed other people to join in on the fun. At it's peak the Wii was everywhere. You could not escape from it. But there was something missing. Besides Zelda and Mario, it didn't have that third party support to reward all the hardcore gamers that has been with them from the very beginning. It did have No More Heroes, MadWorld, House Of The Dead: Overkill, and the Resident Evil lightgun games. But it wasn't enough. Where are the Halos, Gears of Wars, Uncharteds, and Metal Gear Solids? This is something that I hope the Wii-U can do.

Don't expect these people to be playing House Of The Dead: Overkill


The Wii-U could come late this year. It's doing what a next generation game console should do.Upgraded graphics, new accessories, and a new way to play the game. While a new way to play the game is certainly is new, everything else however is not. Sure, they showed off the controller on last year's E3. Yes, everything from that video was impressive, but is it enough to call it a Real Next Gen system?

Last year's E3 showed off a video showcasing what the Wii-U's controller can do. From the demo alone it looks fantastic. Using it as a second screen for menus, maps, and even as something for aiming. The other cool thing that can do is the ability to use the screen as a main screen away from the TV. As someone you know watches TV you can use the controller to continue playing the game.

Looks Stunning

Even when they are showing off the Controller's capabilities, they even showed off some of the big title games they will have. And unlike the first Wii this system will support 1080p HD graphics. To show this off they used footage from the PS3 and 360 games. Games include Batman: Arkham City, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Darksiders II, and Metro: Last Light. To keep that WiiU twist each game will, theoretically, allow the use the controller in exciting ways. It's all very exciting. So, why do I want Sony and Microsoft ignore all of this?


Because they are still trying to capture that audience the Wii has had for years. The WiiU is just a HD gaming platform. Is that a bad thing? No. I would love to see a Mario and Zelda HD game. I think games like that would make the game feel more alive than ever before. The Wii U, to me, is just away to capture that "hardcore" crowd. It's Nintendo's way of coming full circle. They started the motion controller craze. Sony and Microsoft used it. One half, Nintendo is following the footsteps of the other companies. The other, Apple and what they are doing to the iPhone.

Then it raises another question, should Microsoft and Sony start a new Generation of consoles because Nintendo is coming out with a new console?


I don't think so. As I have said before the WiiU is just a HD gaming platform. Besides the controller they aren't doing anything new. Even Reggie Fils-Aime has said that they are not trying to up the PS3 and 360. So why should Sony and Microsoft? It would be pretty useless to release the Move and Kinect when it would be more cheaper to release it with the new generation of consoles. When Nintendo released the Wii they didn't have a motion controller for the Gamecube. While I don't think Move and Kinect are really impressive, giving the right amount of time and more practice with the hardware Sony and Microsoft really doesn't have to release a new console right now. Just let Nintendo do what they do. If Sony and Microsoft does decide to make a new console, it will just take the cues that Nintendo does and do stuff of their own. It's all a See and Copy. Microsoft and Sony is copying Nintendo with their motion control with the Kincet and Move, Nintendo is copying Sony and Microsoft with their HD and Online. Fair trade.

No matter how you look at it, the Wii did it first.


I don't think that anyone is ready. Naughty Dog, the developer of the Uncharted and Jak & Daxter series, have came out and said that they are afraid of the Playstation 4. During their initial time with the PS3, they have said that they had the darkest days the company has had since. It payed off at the end, but it took years to figure out all the quirks the system had. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune looks great. Uncharted 2 and 3 looks even better. It took years to figure that system out and it would not make much sense to have to start all over. The same can be said with the 360. The 360 is just a more advance version of the original xbox, but teams like Bethesda and Epic knows how to make use of the system and make use of it amazingly well. They are pushing that system to the max and I still believe that both system's potential have not been fully reached. Any multiplatform game that will be in the Wii U is also coming for the PS3 and 360. It may take longer to release the game at first to incorporate the new controller's pad, but graphics wise. It won't be the same.

It took years to make a game look this good from Drake's Fortune to Drake's Deception

I'm not saying that Sony and Microsoft shouldn't make a next gen system if they want to make them, let them. I just want them to do it at the right time and it's good enough for all of us. If they have to wait a year or two to make the best console they can make without overheating and stupidly high prices, I'm willing to wait. I have a console developers can improve upon. Doing so will make the transition between a PS3 and PS4 easier. What ever Nintendo has planed for the Wii-U is sure it's going to be to be awesome. It's too early to really tell, I just think that Microsoft and Sony needs to take their time when it comes to the releases of the next set of consoles.
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