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Top 10 Final Fantasy Side Games

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to Final Fantasy, than the main numbered rpg titles. There are the side games, the side games, which tend to be highly innovate, and sometimes not even rpg's at all.

So this is my take on those games in reverse order.

10) Final Fantasy: 4 heroes of light (DS) - A game that was localized in 2010, for the Nintendo DS. It takes the ideas laid out in Final Fantasy 1-3, gives it a new painting like art style, gives us a new crown job system, and lets gamers go to town. It was a highly overlooked title because the 3ds was right around the corner. I put about 50 hours into the game, finished it, 100 percented it, and I really enjoyed myself.

9) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (WII/DS) - Imagine a time, when Final Fantasy only consisted of turn based games....its true, there was a time like this until Square introduced the Crystal Chronicles series. Officially number 4 in the series, the game was dual released for 1 of a kind ds/wii cross play. The combat is more of the hack and slash variety with 4 party members or live people if you so choose. Its really fun.

8) Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (DS/WII) - Part of the larger Chocobo subset of games which range from racing titles to card games, this one is my favorite because its an rpg. Not only is it an rpg, its a mystery dungeon, roguelike. One of my favorite rpg types. The gameplay involves randomly generated dungeons and turn-based battles. Different jobs change the appearance of the player's Chocobo and alter the layout of the dungeons the players enter. I personally played the game on the WII, but I hear the ds version is just as fun.

7) Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (PSP) - A fighting/rpg..............WHAT???? That was the general feeling when the first was released. And while it was good, it wasnt perfect. The sequel perfected the formula, while including alot of cool new characters. One of which is my favorite character in the FF series. Giligamesh. If the game was a steaming pile of shit, but it had gilgamesh, it would be on any top 10 list of mine. The fighting was deep, the rpg elements and library were cool. In general, this side game was very successful.

6) Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) - The newest game on the list which I just started playing the other day. A combination Rhythm/rpg, the game involves using the touch screen in time to various pieces of music from the series. Amazing pieces of music. Its relaxing, awesome, maddening, all at the same time. The game features 60+ tunes, and that alone, is worth the price of admission.

5) Secret of Mana (SNES) - Uh, stealth have you gone crazy? Yes, but not about this. The Mana series did start out as a final fantasy side series, and many aspects are still shared, like the importance of the crystals in the over arching world. This is the best Mana game, so why wouldnt I include it? Action rpg perfection, this game is one of my favorites on the SNES. What I loved is each of the 4 playable characters had a purpose. There was no weak link in the group.

4) Final Fantasy :The Ruler of Time and Space ~ SaGa3 (DS) - The japanese only remake to a GB game that some would remember as Final Fantasy Legend III. This is the SaGa side series inclusion on the list which includes a great many games.The series is notable for its emphasis on open world exploration, non-linear branching plots, and occasionally unconventional gameplay. This title is no different. As a remake, as one would expect from the GB game, everything was made better, and its because of this game, I want to go back and replay all the SaGa Titles.

3) Final Fantasy Dimensions (IOS) - Another game I just started recently. This is as old school as it gets. Turn based battle system, Sprites, Saving the world with a band of strangers, everything. It was initially released as an episodic game, with the first two installments released on September 9, 2010 on the Japanese i-mode distribution service, and December 9, 2010 for the EZweb distribution service. The game was recently ported to IOS. The game has a job system like V, and that alone makes it worthy because V might be my favorite FF main title.

2) Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) - While the other Tactics game on the list is more gameplay than story, this one was the opposite. It will be far more remembered for its story, than for its gameplay. With a deep mature war story, that really tugged at the heart strings, I wont ever forget the game as long as I live. The game achieved something in me that a very few games do. I became angry. Which is to say. I felt. I really hated, the villians, and when the characters triumphed I smiled as much as I did at things in real life. I felt the world.

1) Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS) - Part of the Final Fantasy Tactics sub set of games, which are notable for there srpg gameplay. This is the most current game of the series. The game is enormous. 400 missions, Freeplay battles, ect. While the story is generally considered the weakest part of the game, the gameplay is so stellar and deep, it more than makes up for it. With a deep job class and partner system, its one of my favorite titles on the DS.

Well there you have it. My personal Final Fantasy Side game list.

Readers. What are your favorite Final Fantasy Side games?

Editors Note: I did not include 12 revant wings, 13-2, 10-2, ff 7 crisis core. Because they all had main numbers in the titles.
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