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New Years Gaming Resolutions

1) To make rpgs only 60 percent of what I play instead of 80 percent.
2) Finally beat that part in RE 4 (hard mode) with the cranks and the ashley avoiding the sniper.
3) Beat fire emblem radiant dawn another 17 times to unlock the ultimate beast hidden character
4) Make love not warcraft
5) Never play another square game again unless dragon quest VII and bravely default get localized
6) Grind harder and longer than I ever have before when I start god and paradox and disgaea dimensions 2
7) Play games with more loli's
8) Play games with more loli's with cat ears
9) Not to ejaculate 10 times when playing fire emblem Awakening
10) Become destructoids new god.

What are your New Years Gaming Resolutions?
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