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Import Spotlight: The God And Fate Revolution Paradox

If you were to ask me which rpg company best embodies the idea that a man could do heroin, see a rainbow, and write a song about it, it would be Nis Japan.

This company has done some funky games in the past ie the Disgaea SRPG series, the Prinny platforming series, the Cladun trilogy of dungeon crawlers and so much more (Sorry Makai).

This gen however they explored a sub sub genre, that only the most battle tested japanese developers will even attempt. The rogue-like rpg.

March 11, 2010 they released there first rogue-like rpg entitled Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman on the Playstation Portable. Criminally Under rated, unfairly forgotten by time and by rpg fans a like (for more information see:

For those who played the game, it quickly became one of the favorite rpgs of the generation. Beloved for its hilarious characters, ridiculous story, totally original game play, and pure nis japan style.

As fans we worried. Would Nis japan scrap future rogue-likes because of its lukewarm western reception? Would this game be doomed to be 200 dollars on ebay? Would this game be doomed to having only stealth talk about it?

Thankfully earlier this year we got our answer. That answer is no. That answer is the spiritual sequel to Z.H.P that in our wildest dreams we could only hallucinate about.

This game will be released sometime in January of this very year in Japan on the Playstation 3. Its fate in North America as of now is unknown but odds are, it will come here. All Team Disgaea games do.

This game as was Z.H.P is not just developed by any internal team of Nis Japan. Its being developed by the Disgaea team. Whose done nothing but quality since exploding penguining onto the scene.

This game is so off the chain, I would have little hope in explaining to you everything. So please watch this video.

The real only difference between this game and Z.H.P are, in this game you get a "team" of either 1 or 2 other characters that you can battle with, which makes up your party. In Z.H.P you didnt have a party.

Do you want to know how absurd this gets? This is an example of 1 plot thread in the game.
Cinderella (yes, the same princess from the fairy tale) is a heroine in The God and Fate Revolution Paradox from Nippon Ichi Software. She’s tired of happy endings, but you can change that. Renya, the game’s hero, has the power to change people’s fate by entering the Copy World. There you’ll see a saddened shadow of Cinderella. As Renya battles in the Copy World, Cinderella’s attitude begins to change. Nippon Ichi’s take on the Cinderella story still has an evil stepmother, but instead of a Fairy Godmother, a magician shows up. Before you can change Cinderella’s fate you have to fight her shadow in the Copy World. If you can get Cinderella to rise above her troubled emotions you’ll trigger a "Fate Revolution" and…… everyone lives happily ever after. But, that’s only one of the scenarios in The God and Fate Revolution Paradox. Players have to dive into different dungeons to change fate for other characters.Renya has help from a group of angels and sacred treasures. Equip these and you’ll change Renya’s appearance plus get a special skill. (Thank you siliconera)

Now for some pictures, everyone loves pictures right?

Vs. Evil cinderella

Think of this like an rpg customization grid a la FF 12 or zhp

A party of 2 about to get in a lot of trouble

Skyrim dungeons have nothing on this.......

This........this is fanservice. Your welcome Destructoid.

This picture shows a special attack. I feel bad for whoever just got Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū Ryūkansen'd

In this final picture one of your party members goes rocky on a bull. I dont know why I choose this. I think its awesome

In Conclusion, when this game is announced in english please dont pass on it without giving it some serious thought. There aren't many developers on consoles left willing to do sprite based games. If we don't support them now. We wont get them in the future.

Note: I choose this game to highlight because every time I mention it someone says I have to look this up. Now you don't.
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