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Header Updated (Any more suggestions welcomed)

So like I said I would, I filled out some space on my header. Whenever I get a minute or two I would just scribble down a few things. While trying not to add too many lead characters. With that in mind, any characters in mind? Oh and to ...


I don't want to die

How many times have you died in games? Blown up, stabbed, “fainted”, drowned, torn apart and so on. Maybe you get your a-hole kicked by the big bad boss and you have to drag yourself all the way from the checkpoint after re-loading to hav...


Hi and stuff.

I've been meaning to do this for a while now. As in months ago. Well, years ago but whatever. You might recognise me from the comments section where I generally lurk. Or from the Destructoid Minecraft Server before if went down. I was the ...


About Static Jakone of us since 10:47 AM on 02.02.2008

Me? Well I suppose I can share. From Tipperary, Ireland for one.

Gamer since the NES and I haven't turned back since. Which is weird considering TMNT on the NES was my first game. I love it for nostalgia reason got damn that thing is a piece of crap.

Since then I've gone from the NES to SNES and Mega Drive to PS1 (with me grabbing some time on a friends N64) to PS2 and Xbox to this gen, a 360, PS3 and finally my own Wii.

Plus a Gameboy Colour, Advance, DS and maybe a 3DS in the future.

And of course a PC.

Fav genres would be: RPGs, especially JRPGs, Shooters, Racing, RTS and pretty much anything but fighters that send me into a blind rage.

Currently loving the shit out of LA Noire, TF2 and planning to get through Wind Waker since I missed out when it was first out.