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Every time my PS5 notifies me of a Duel Sense update, I have flashbacks to how annoying Sterling's PS3 update articles were. #1stWorldProbs #OldToid


I think I'm gonna unironically start Balan Wonderworld. It was so dead on arrival it now shines as this odd curiosity.


Finally started playing RE2 Remake after all these years. Sadly I'm less than impressed. This isn't a snobby OG4Life thing or anything, I just find it, idk, too by the numbers, truncated, and Mr X is just annoying. Actually makes me appreciate FF7R more.


Played an Oculus Quest 2 for the first time tonight. Myst was a real game changer. Found myself just staring at random objects like a fan. Just what a time to be alive. Also best fight scene in recent memory is definitely reimagined scene 38.


What ever happened to: Jed Whitaker? Weird when Dtoid staff up and vanish without a goodbye.


Platinumed Avengers this week. One of the most painful experiences of my gaming life. If you think sometimes reviewers just pile on a game for the lawlz, I promise this is not one of those cases. The angst is real, there is no endgame, no loot, no point.


Ah, my second blog in like 11 years on Dtoid. But the closing of the PS3 and Vita stores warranted a quick musing. Check it out for any interested, that generation sure was unique.


https://limitedrungames.com/products/terminator-resistance-enhanced-collectors-edition-ps5 You lol but the game was fun as balls. I'm down.


Well, platnumed MVCI today. Took four days. I knew the online would be a hassle with noone playing anymore but wasn't expecting the challenges to be so aggressive. I'm kinda proud I still "got it" as a dad of two, haha. #NerdSkills


Remember when MS started off their entry to gaming consoles by locking the DVD player permanently unless you bought the separate remote? Forget on disk DLC, they pioneered Actually Restricted System Entertainment (A.R.S.E.). Tiger and it's stripes.


Anji's back eh? Would have bet money the last two base slots were Testament and Justice. ArcSys, you never fail to surprise.


Said it once I'll say it 1000 times, the fact that SFV makes you sit in it's boring ass lobby in order to update the game instead of automatically offline like literally every other game, makes it the most annoying game of this gen. Also busted economy.


I think Tasunoko V Capcom will go down as one of the apex gems for Wii. It's an exclusive that can virtually never be re-ported in western markets due to the licensing costs vs sales. Thus a Capcom VS game is forever tied to the Wii for all Wii-ternity.


Been watching some teardowns of Series X and wow, it's pretty gorgeous. I love how custom and modular the components are, and the dual board setup is cool. Mad respect to creative design. You can see everything they learned from 360's rampant RRoD fiasco.


Remember when everyone thought this is the PS5 they were going to get? Good times, haha.


My PS5 is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, on the 13th, 2020. 50/50 it's a box full of ash. #NothingSuprises


Chris Moyse, how excited are you for kustom variations in MK11 ranked? I need ur opinion.


The "Bloody Tears" of Curse of the Moon.


The son of Argus likely having a Kombat Kast tomorrow. Kant wait!!!


Kan't wait to wake up. Edit: Fake, FML haha.


MS bought Bethesda https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/21/welcoming-bethesda-to-the-xbox-family/amp/?%20=true


Rumors swirling about Bloodbone on PS5 and PC this year. Would you double dip for the 60fps 4K goodness?


Kontender for the worst game ever released. This "game" is literally an empty box with a download code for the game. For a system with virtually no internal storage. The prize of which gets you the worst version of MK11.


At 33 mins exact, Boon says 36 friendships dropping in Aftermath. With Shao Kahn, Fujin, Sheeva and RoboCop, the game only has 34 characters. Did he just tip hat at two more unlockable characters in Aftermath?


Bittersweet the WWE games are going on hiatus. Diminishing quality aside, they were always a favorite of mine to decompress with. There are diamonds in the ruff, like 2K14 and 19. Hopefully it comes back better. For now, my WWE plat journey is at an end.


Awwww yeah, release coming soon. Been waiting for this one.


WWE 2K20 is a garbage fire but I found the story mode in this one really sweet, with fun callbacks to the story mode in 2K19. Everyone likes an underdog story, and I think the team did a great job on this one particular piece.


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