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Stanley Pain
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About Stanley Painone of us since 8:25 PM on 05.12.2008

I am 36, male, and have been gaming since I could first hold any sort of joystick, trakball, or controller of any sort.
As one of "the olds", obviously my job (in retail hell) and other "mature" factors mean I don't game anywhere near as much as some people, but rest assured, they are always on my mind. I hope to talk about a variety of things in my blog, not just video games even though that's what Destructoid is all about. I primarily game on my Xbox 360 and my iPad, though occasionally I will play stuff on my laptop, though it's pretty rare since it really doesn't run games too well.
I also enjoy electronic music, films, literature, and daydreaming about one day becoming a deer with angel wings.
Thank you for stopping in, please come again!