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About StSmithone of us since 6:29 PM on 03.23.2009

Previously Dtoid member Sky-Face

I play most genres of games but my favorites are survival horror, RPGs (a recent obsession), adventure games and I will occasionally kill time by killing friends in addictive online FPS's like Battlefield games and COD.

Currently I'm busting through the entire Final Fantasy series with my girlfriend and have reinstated survival horror nights as a staple event in my house.

On a more serious note if it weren't for Dtoid, especially the podcasts RetroforceGO! and Podtoid I would've lost faith in gaming culture. Now I fucking love retro games, am addicted to Pop'N'Music, pay special attention to narrative in games, the list goes on. Overall because of Destructoid I am a better gamer. Thank you.

PS: SOMEONE HELP ME MAKE A BLOG HEADER!! I am retarded when it comes to that photoshop and such.