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MW2 is broken and 1200 points for DLC is ridiculous because of it.

Hey gais, you want more maps to play on? Ok weíll give you 5! Well 3 are gonna be new and probably just as fucked as some of the last but hey, we got 2 old ones you might have liked which we can now ruin with our broken gameplay. Weíre also gonna promise you that youíre gonna get new maps in some playlists, but not mention anything about fixing matchmaking or any of the modded tags and hacking on the 360. Lets also dangle some exclusivity to the people on the 360 weíre screwing by making them get it a month earlier than the PS3, making people on both sides rage at us! Weíre geniuses!

Ok, how about we get serious for a second here. We all know some people will love this pack, and in all honesty if the game wasnít broken even my poor butt could look past the fact that their previous packs of 4 maps were only 800 and that one more map, much less one thatís a re-textured old one is somehow worth 400 more points. To some of us though, itís another straw on already weakened backs, and a few of us are now breaking under it. Now before anyone gets mad or agrees Iíll explain what I feel about this whole thing.

As I already said, if this were a game that werenít hindered by some serious issues Iíd pay for this pack, maybe even gladly. If I wasnít constantly getting spammed by people trying to sell me a 10th prestige then maybe Iíd scrounge for it.

If I wasnít losing party members in the terribad matchmaking then possibly Iíd fap over it and have a mess to clean up.

If the game were solid and not full of stupid things and overpowered retardedness then maybe Iíd get on my knees in front of Activision and take a full load.

Unfortunately so much of this game is still so broken that itís not even fun to play anymore, the newness has worn off and we see itís not so structurally sound. Itís almost hard to point out anything good with the game in all honesty. From gameplay mechanics to design choices to failed Ďinnovationsí there is a lot wrong and no amount of patches can fix the damage that has been done.
Time for me to point fingers and yell ďFOR SHAME! FOR SHAME!Ē starting with kill/death streaks. Whoa whoa whoa, put down the pitchforks and torches, let me talk. In CoD4 everyone had the same killstreaks, sure it would get boring after a little bit when it was all you could do but it had a nice balance to it that these multiple killstreaks just tend to lack. Now donít get me wrong, variety is the spice of life, but too much variety can cause problems. Sometimes itís never having a uav up for an entire round, or an encouragement to campers just so they can let their streaks do the work for them. Some of them are disproportionate to the amount of kills it takes to get them, and others are just stupidly overpowered. Deathstreaks are not without some WTFness as well, as long as youíve seen someone with painkiller take an AT4 to the face and live that is.

The perks, are hit and miss. Sometimes you see someone with stopping power and a Famas kill with on burst on a moving target, yet when you do it to a guy standing still it takes 2 bursts. A danger close RPG can get 3 kills yet a danger close tube next to a guy just wounds him. How does lightweight make you faster than a claymore? Why does commando pro basically give you the Blades of Chaos? Using Scrambler is a death sentence because it just gives away your position and barely ever helps. Oh and One Man Army has to be the most bs thing in the world, when in the correct evil hands.

The matchmaking! Oh the matchmaking! How could they screw up what they and many other games have had working for quite some time now? I donít know how they did it but boy howdy, mission accomplished! Way to go Activision, youíre raising the bar for everyone once again! Itís pathetic how they could screw up something thatís been working online for years now. And lets not get started on how they have screwed the PC people by torturing them with this nonsense to.

But speaking of the PC people, we should thank them for taking the time to discover all these glitches that werenít ever worked out and figuring out how to get them over to the consoles. We could have made the mistake of not being able to call Activision and Infinity Ward on these things if it werenít for you guys. I want to take this time to put a second edge on this sword and tell you that youíre pricks for making us deal with some of this stuff to.

Now for the elephant in the room, the DLC! There is no way, in outright hell that I am paying that much for a broken games DLC. Personally no amount of patching can make this game not just seem ruined to me. Iím sure millions of people will buy it, and Iím sure they will make tons of cash that they donít deserve. Then they will still gouge people for their money with future packs and it will be horse armor all over again.

With the way they are treating all of us they should be glad anyone plays their games at all, the only reason itís popular is because itís Call of Duty. Itís really a shame that they are destroying their own franchise, but hey, if halo can do it why canít they right? They might as well because it seems like the popular thing to do now a days. Itís sad and I refuse to be a part of it anymore, gamestop here I come.

Also, shameless clan website plug since it's all new and whatnot. we just bs a lot and play games, feel free to stop by and to talk to us.
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