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Multiplayer Rant: I did so well, how come I still feel fail?

In this day of age, multiplayer seems to be the mainstay of that which we enjoy. Now I do know that great single player games do exist, I have beat GoW3 4 times, but other than the game and you, there is little that affects it. Meanwhile multiplayer has far too many variables to get the exact same result twice, which used to be a godsend, but now it may have lost its sheen. Once it reaches the point where multiplayer just pisses you off no matter how good youíre actually doing, it may be time to take a step back and look at multiplayer as a whole.

This is the place that I seem to be at, which is probably why I had any inspiration to write this. Yet for me, this has been a long time coming. Ever since Starcraft this seems to have been filling to overflowing like now. I really wish I could pinpoint where it all seemed to change, but I rea ÖÖok, Live, Live was probably the turning point. Donít get me wrong, from its humble beginnings to now it has provided me hours upon hours of fun, but I think thatís when, at least for me, it lost its innocence. Yes, the next paragraph is going to turn into a more personal story, but if you donít want to read it then skip the damned paragraph.

I always had an outdated computer growing up, and outdated internet. I never really hopped into online FPS games till the Xbox came out, but I was playing enough RTS online and Diablo 2 to eat up my fair share of bandwidth. Offline FPS however, I was all over that, me and my buddies have a good amount of stories from our N64 shooter days. I think the innocence was still alive because it would either be a text biased easily ignorable dbag, or someone you were at least within punching distance of.

Ok, that lil story is over, you can read again without having to fear. So, let us get to the first point.

Now Iím sure there was voice chat on the PC long before the consoles. Most things tend to originate from the PC because they can make things work for themselves most the time unlike console people. The thing is however, when itís an actual voice it gets kinda harder to just ignore. The mute function always helps but when you have to mute an entire room of people, it just seems completely ridiculous. Be it annoying tards, whiny kids, racist idiots or general douchebags it just makes you wonder what the hell happened to us as a community. And with that, segue!

Ok I know, lame joke is lame, just deal with it.

COMMUNITY! (Donít jump on me Dtoid, I know itís not everyone. And if youíre reading this on my clan website, then this disclaimer really doesnít mean anything to you.)
Speaking of what the hell happened to us as a community, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO US AS A COMMUNITY? There was once a time where 90% of the people Iíd play against were pretty cool, or at least tolerable, what happened to those people? Did the stupidity of youths who started playing transfer over? Was there suddenly a mass acceptance of racism and general dbaggery that I missed? I donít get how people can cheat/grief/steal/playlikeadbag/Sagat/V-13 and still manage to have any real fun. Sure they may get short term rewards but in the long run is it really worth it? Maybe they are just lazy and donít want to actually try to do anything, or maybe they suck and itís all they can do, I donít know and I doubt I ever will. I know that sometimes the only way to fight the dbags is with dbag, but when itís not just a reaction and sticks, weíve just let them get to us in ways that we probably didnít think they could.

Iím sure itís not just me here. The games have gotten both simpler and far more complex. They are trying to make them all easily accessible yet hard to master, which is great in theory, but keeps falling flat. For example, every ones favorite horse to beat, Modern Warfare 2! The default classes are really quite easy to use, unfortunately it just shows people how to be giant aholes. Witchblades is in there, noob tube with scavenger is in there, if only it had a one man army class to complete the set of dbaggery. Whatís that? Tired of MW2 complaints? Fine then Team Fortress 2 it is. Yeah thatís right, I can hold Valve to this nonsense to with just one word, Demomen. Not enough words, how about 2, Dead Ringer. Want 2 more, Random Drops, wait this one needs a little more explanation that the other 2. Valves random drops have done nothing but made idling a widely popular thing to do. Now while most people can get the weapons fairly easily, itís completely nullified the coolness of having hats. When you see someone hop onto the server then immediately get 15 items, it just makes you feel like an idiot for getting all your stuff from actually playing the damned game.

Ok, I canít just say all this and expect that all of the blame can be displaced. Sometimes there are just things going on in life that affect everything we do. Even can get to the things that we do to distract from all that. It happens to all hobbies, even our very expensive one. Sometimes things we do for fun just donít seem fun for a little while. And while some may feel like this is all someone like me falls under thereís always some game, that one can fall back on and say ďWell Iím still having fun with this.Ē Sometimes games just break themselves from us in such a way that whenever we play them, no matter how many of our friends are on, no matter how well we do, no matter how much fun everyone else is having, itís just pisses us off to no end. Sometimes things never click, sometimes what did click snaps off and hangs there like poorly strung Christmas lighting, the mind works in mysterious ways and differently for everybody. Sometimes crap is just bound to happen to make us not like something, no matter what history it has with us. Case in point, I loved Halo 2, I played the hell out of it and I didnít even own it, but halo 3 actually pissed me off to the point where I threw a controller against the wall(first occurrence of the rage throw for me)

Iím quite sure that Iím not the only one seeing this, however Iím also sure that not everyone sees this, hell Iím sure a lot of people see the exact opposite. And I would like to see some discussion sprout from this, which is why Iím holding off a day before posting this. Writing something on April 1st and trying to get anyone take it seriously is quite honestly a topic deathtrap.
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