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Friends or Enemies?

Nothing like online gaming! You get a whole other level of stuff to do with a game to get your monies worth out of it. There are so many people online that youíre bound to get in a decently sized game. You get to socialize with people who like gaming, just like you. Sure there will be some people you just canít stand, but hell you may even be able to find a few decent ones that you can make friends with.

All that sounds great, and sometimes is, but what if those people whom youíve think youíve made friends with turn into asses? Have they changed? Have you? Is it something you just didnít notice at first? The reasons for these things vary from case to case, but chances are, this has at happened to you at one point in time. It could be something as simple as saying you donít like something then all the sudden BOOM!

It doesnít matter if youíre both regs on a server and joke around all the time or if youíre in the same clan, someone who you once had fun with will rub you the wrong way or become a prick. Sometimes you see it coming, like if they do bs tactics when on your team and this time youíre on the other

other timesÖ

It catches you by complete surprise and you donít even know what the hell just happened.

A lot of times this ends with just cutting the person off completely. Perma-muting, friends list deleting, nothing playing with, cut right out of everything. It makes anytime that you somehow end up playing with the person awkward and could possibly end with some sort of griefing.

Other times you may just get an awkward ceasefire, usually because everyone else is tired for dealing with both of you. Itís possible though, that you just get into the hatefest all over again, even if itís completely one-sided.

These things always end up in a few ways.
The Resolution: Just as it sounds, with issues resolved, friendship restored and everyone is happy.
Forgotten: After a while you donít even know why the hell you donít like each other anymore, and it either is laughed at or is too late and they have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth.
The Fade Away: You just stop playing with each other, communicating with each other, move on to different circles and it all just disappears.
Endless War: You canít get away from each other, you canít resolve anything, you just argue and cry and thereís nothing that can stop it.

Variations of those exist, but those really are the bases of any outcomes you could have from this nonsense happening. These things are bound to happen, itís just something we humans do and have always done. It would be foolish to not think it would happen in any medium that we can come up with, even one where we might not even ever see the people we are talking to.

I really wish I had a way of closing this, but I donít. There is really nothing witty to say, this is just human nature and it sucks but it serves a purpose. So, yeah, why are you still reading? Iím done, comment or something cause Iím out of stuff to say.
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