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XBLA: Arkadian Warriors quick review

Arkadian Warriors came out on XBLA (which i like to pronounce phonetically as X-BLAH) and I was excited. If any of you read my blog about how my friend and i have a christmas eve tradition of playing online co-op hack and slashers, then you know that this game basically saved christmas for us, because we dont feel like installing stuff on our PCs anymore, now that we both have 360's. <-- That was a long sentence.

So i dropped the 800 points on A.W. and gave it a quick test run. I wanted to know how its level up system worked. Turns out that this is certainly no diablo, but it is fun.

Theres 3 classes, Soldier, Archer, and Sorceress. I picked the Solider and went around the town to a dude named Hermie who told me to go kill some boars and opened a portal right there that i could take into the dungeon. Looks like the bulk of the quests will be in the "Kill X amount" style.

Combat is simple. You move with the left stick, rotate camera with the right. Attack with A, pick stuff up with X, use special magic with B, and turn into your alter ego with Y. You can use various potions with the D-pad, and holding the right trigger brings up your character/inventory/spell pages. Holding the left trigger locks you onto an enemy which is really useful for ranged combat. The left bumper switches weapons.

But my favorite part of games like this is the level up system and the skill points and the character builds and all that. This is where Arkadian Warriors fails me. You can learn 6 skills as you level up, and those are set in stone. You get a new skill at level 2, 5,8,11, and 14, and you can only equip one of these at a time. Also, your only stats in the game are Attack, Defense, Magic, and Magic Defense. You dont get to add skill points to these, they just go up when you level.

On the plus side, there are a lot of different weapons and equipment to collect, somewhere around 200 pieces.

In the end, its a nice little arcade hack and slasher. Without any kind of unique builds system, it looses that addicting quality for me, but it is good enough to play through and probably earn all the achievements on.

Now heres hoping Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is awesome.
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