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SSBB: Best idea I've ever had!

Alright, so you know how a lot of extra characters in Smash Bro. are basically copies of other characters. Mario/Dr Mario Fox/Falco Kirby/Jigglypuff for example. Well I would FREAK OUT AND DIE if they put the Lost Vikings in as a copy of the Pokemon trainer.

If you ever played Lost Vikings then you know why it would work so well, but for those who missed out, Lost Vikings is a puzzle game where you control 3 vikings to solve puzzles. One can fight, one as a shield and one can run and jump (Erik the Swift, who is also my Avatar up there playing totally metal guitar) In the game you can only control one at a time and thats how you work out the puzzle solving strategy. So basically it would work well with the Pokemon Trainer because he can control one pokemon at a time.

Would anyone else be pumped about this!? Lost Vikings was on the SNES and GBA if you want to try to find it. Total classic.
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