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PS3 things I've noticed while working at GameStop

As you guys may or may not now, I am an assistant manager of a Gamestop in Massachusetts. This holiday season was OMGWTFBBQ busy and with all those customers in the store our amount of PS3 customers naturally increased.

The main thing I've noticed was that at least 75% of the PS3 customers fit into 2 categories.

1. Hip-Hop Culture Enthusiasts.
These are the kind of people who talk kind of like Snoop Dog and wear diamond earrings (real or fake, I don't think it matters) and the chains and blah blah you know the type. I guess Sony is a brand more close to fancy big screen tvs and that sort of "Big Pimpin" high life. The PS3 is more expensive. Its like digital bling.

2. Parents who don't now much about gaming
These are parents who's kids had a PS2 so they just got a PS3 cause it was the next one up. Pretty simple.

In both cases they are customers who probably bought a Sony console just because it said "Sony" on it. Remember when Sony was talking all arrogant and saying things like that? Well from what I've seen they were mostly right. The problem is that number is still relatively small because of the hardcore gamers that like to think for themselves.

I can say that it looks like the PS3 is rising up just fine and I really hope it does. I have a 360, but thats mostly because I had a Playstation in the last round of consoles and I needed to catch up with the games that were on XBOX. I'll be ready for my PS3 when they (hopefully) announce a redesign like the past 2 PlayStations got.

So I know this community is mostly hardcore, and I know you guys have PS3's out there. Do you agree?

(P.S. Wii and DS totally "Won" Christmas at my store. I'm sure we wernt alone.)
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