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[Gamestop, I work there] v2

Ok guys not too much news here just some quick hits.

-Call of Duty trades in for 30 dollars instead of the usual 25 for a new game. So if you really need that Assassins Creed or Mass Effect you can get half off. (If you put the trade toward a reserve of Mass Effect you get an extra 10% but youll have to hurry, its out on Tuesday.)

-We have some sweet new gift cards for the holidays. Next time you stop in, check them out. The Star Wars Force Unleashed one kicks so much ass.

-If your PS3 Eye looks horrible, it's probably just your lighting. Turn on some more lights.

-There should be Wii's in stock at most GameStops for black Friday. Most stores have been holding their Wii's (get it?) for then.

-Also on Black Friday, look for coupon books. We got some early ones that had to be Thrown away due to print errors, but they should be coming back for the holidays and they are sweet. Stuff like Buy 2 get 1 on used PSP and DS games. Ill post again to confirm all these coupons when they are officially in.

Ok thats all, I'm going to go drink some Harpoon Winter Warmer (its like a pie in beer form!) and watch the Patriots game. See ya.
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