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[GAMESTOP, I WORK THERE] v1 "First issue!?"

Hey guys, I work at Gamestop in Massachusetts and thought I'd start wring blogs with some info that could be helpful to the general gaming community. I'm really not a journalist so you can expect these to be short and sweet.

1. First on the agenda, is that it seems a lot of Guitar Hero III controllers are busted. Mostly the 360 ones. The whammy bar and the star power are usually the issues. Anyone else having this problem? Doing a defective return from where ever you bought it seems to work just fine.

2. I know Gamestop gets a lot of shit for giving lousy trade values but you can't deny that its a lot easier than selling through ebay. I can tell you now that Bioshock is only worth 18 so just keep it, but halo 3 is worth 35, and after a few promotions it can be up to 45 which isnt too shabby. Also, you can almost always get extra credit when you trade toward a reserve.

3. If you ever want some swag, ask the workers if they have leftover promos from games. Tell them you'll pre-order something if they give you a piece of swag. Gamestop loves pre-orders, and they'll probably be happy to get rid of the junk anyway. Right now, I'd ask for the Han-Solo PSP case, or the 8-bit figurine of Simon Belmont. Or just ask, who knows what they still have lying around.

Ok thats all for now. I'll try to keep you updated.
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