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Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.6

On the count of ford! FORD! FASTER boy! We ain't never gonna reach the bank at this rate! *spit* Pa, the mud's gone into my shoes. It is very uncomfortable and it smells much like that time we had burritos. Goddamn I love burritos...


Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.5

Alright, let's plow through this thing already. I really think we should take the ferry. I really think we should SLAP YOU ACROSS THE GODDAMN FACE WOMAN. We gonna FORD this thing like MEN. Oh by the way, if anyone asks about your bru...


Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.4

August 1, 1848 Welp, turns out it's August. What? You IDIOT! I told you to keep track of time! I told you we had to leave around April! Now we're going to wind up in a blizzard, or worse! Woah, woah, hold on a second. Was I SERIOUSL...


Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.3

Aright, knowing Pops, this is probably what he'd want me to get. Oh dang, how'd I forget that? Pop's gonna want plenty of oxen to tear in half! ------------------------------------ 20 minutes later... Alright son, you got the...


Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.2

Say hello to the Troidovski family: Our fearless wagon leader: Destre Troidovski A blacksmith from Missouri, Destre is a formidable man who has literally torn a bull in half with his bare hands. An entire. Fucking. Bull. Eventually he...


Let Us Play: Oregon Trail Deluxe: Part 1.1

I'm gonna be bored during Thanksgiving break after finishing the term exams, so what better outlet than a little nostalgia and a blatant, unashamed ripoff of Something Awful's Let's Play formula, in blog format? For those of you who hav...


So yeah, Inspiron 600ms are shit.

Finally, this ancient piece of turd is able to run games more complicated than NetHack thanks to a handy little fix I found on a Google search. The old Dell Inspiron 600m model is, as many buyers would tell you, a pretty terrible machine. ...


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