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Improvements: Spell Check, Responsibility

A huge part of what separates Destructoid from other sites is the huge lack of professionalism. On one hand this is an amazing thing as we get to listen to an obese man rant on about katanas. However the fact that over 50% of Destructoid articles have spelling/grammatical errors is absolutely ridiculous.

Take 5 seconds to proof read your work or just drop it into Microsoft Word. Hell I can see red squiggly lines in this very blogging box indicating that "Destructoid" is spelled wrong.

Another thing I'd like to see changed is the overall tone of many of the journalists. While Jim can be negative he consistently provides a positive alternative. This is how positive criticism works. However I regularly see journalists post extremely biased articles. How can I take something to heart if the title to the article starts with the word Barf!

Simply put, news articles are here to display news, not opinions. If there needs to be an opinion stapled to the news then at least have it posted AFTER the news. It's great to see someone's views on a new tidbit, but when there are numerous articles dismissing games for simply have 3D implemented I have to scoff at the idea of responsibility among the journalists.

Responsibility? Yes, that's right. It would almost appear to many that the journalists here are simply prancing about posting whatever they like without seeing any repercussions. Why is it that these employees are aloud to run about like this?

Perhaps I'm simply tired of seeing such negative thought thrown about on this site. However I believe I'm being reasonable when I can enjoy Dtoid's satire, but still frown at it's mudslinging.

As much as I love Jim he can seldom go too far. As much as I love Dtoid I often leave articles annoyed and depressed because the writer of the article thinks so and so is stupid.

If anything I must thank you so much Destructoid. Thank you for being open to criticism. Thank you for trying to improve. Thank you for listening and allowing us to rant.
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