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Finished Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, overall I really liked it and definitely recommend it. Detailed thoughts in the comments, tried to keep spoilers to the barest of minimums but gameplay (gadgets, new features...) is discussed at length. EDIT: Fixed.


I have no idea why, but I just watched a stream of Final Fantasy Origin and I saw the guy equipping a pair of 'Twilight Trousers' and just burst out laughing. Also the demo is working. Also also something something chaos.


"We're excited to give you a first look at our new game that still isn't Rayman. Here are 9 minutes of us overselling a derivative product that will be released much too early and squander whatever potential it had." Did I miss anything from Ubi?


I've played Mass Effect 1 and 2 multiple times, and ME3 once. I've never played any of the DLC but it makes a huge difference as the series continues, especially in ME3. Had no idea all this time that I basically played the shit version of that game.


Until it is released, Far Cry 6 is both a political statement, and a non-political non-statement. Ubisoft is playing at Schrödinger's politics, beckoning the dawn of the age of the lizard people.


Hot Take Alert: I love the PS2 Ratchet games and have beaten the PS4 reboot 4 times. Having recently played the Future games, the series' PS3 output was mostly boring to me and it really soured my excitement for Rift Apart.


Mass Effect 2: if I get squamates' loyalty mission requests before exhausting their dialogue, can I still get the same dialogue sequences afterwards, or am I locked out of any pre-loyalty exchanges? I forgot that side missions progress these...


What's nice about academia is that you spend years reading and learning the works of your field's greats, and then when you publish your first work you may get to see them react and help promote it. Imposter syndrome is real, but this does make me smile.


It's still weird to me that Castlevania has the best tv/film adaptation. Sure, there's very little competition, but it's miles ahead of other attempts.


Caved in and got Garrus: Legendary Edition. Garrus 1 is kinda clunky after all these years, but looks surprisingly good remastered. I know Garrus 2 is where it's at, but I also like Garrus 3. Anyways, I need to get back to my calibrations.


So, who's playing the Mass Effect remasters, and what are your thoughts about the combat in all 3 games? Is it still fun or just outdated?


The last week has been utterly miserable. Tell me something good that happened to you recently, good people of Qtoid.


Watching the FF7R Intergrade trailers, 60FPS gameplay looks great but cutscenes seem like they animate much faster, rather than smoother.


Thoughts on RE8 after finishing the game - Very fun gameplay and good design, mostly consistent throughout. Writing is a serious downgrade from 7 - contrived plot, badly paced & a lame villain. Final hours attempt some interesting things unsuccessfully.


Anyone playing RE8 on PS5 and noticing abrupt LOD changes in open areas? I didn't see any mention of this on Digital Foundry and wondering if it's just me.


For those of you starting RE:Village today, on what difficulty are you playing? My last RE was 3-Make and a first run of Hardcore wasn't too bad, but I'm debating Village because it may require a bit more knowledge of the game, based on the demos.


I bought Returnal despite my seemingly staunch stance on mid-run saves (such a hypocrite). Figured I could do worse than support a weird, unapologetic & novel AAA curio. Saving sucks, but I don't regret it. Imagine Control if it had decent, uh, control.


What games don't you ever uninstall? I always keep Miles Morales, DMC5 and Tekken 7 on storage. I can web-swing and combo demons when I need a break, or have my significant other kick me in the face whenever she needs to unwind.


So apparently RE:Village leaked a bit early? A friend tipped me off that Youtube is choke full of playthrough videos. Gonna steer clear of there for the next few weeks, personally.


ZOE2: MARS is 9$ on PSN right now. Still insanely fast-paced, and looks remarkably good in 4K (Terrible English VA though). If nothing else, should be played just to experience how hard the soundtrack slaps.


I like you, AC:Valhalla. We've had a wonderful 35 hours together. Heck, I might've even loved you. But for the last 15 hours something was missing, the excitement is gone... and I just don't see us spending 60 more hours together. Goodbye AC. Uninstall


Been on an RE hype for 8, got RE3 on sale. I've never played the horror ones other than 7 so can't compare, but they really nailed the horror-action campaign pacing & direction. Tense but with an 80's action vibe, very specific scope but done so, so well.


Are people really that upset about Days Gone 2 being canned, or is this another vocal minority, Snyder situation? It's a decent game but there's not one feature in it that can't be made to fit a new IP. Ironic the news broke with Sony's safe bet approach


Work is getting a bit much. What games can you think that do exploration exceedingly well? Not necessarily chill games, I just wanna get lost somewhere.


RE5 was one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I remember. Years later, I can appreciate it for what it is - A shinier, if forever unoriginal, serving of RE4's unique design ideas. I prefer 4 and (gasp!) 6 for RE shooters, but it's fun.


Currently on a series replay of MGS, future to past: MGS1->2->4->MGR, then MGS3->PW->V. I've never played 4 before, is there something more to it than fanservice? It's not half as interesting as SoL after the first 2 acts. How should I approach the game


AC:Valhalla without the compass is surprisingly great; The game has definite quirks but the map design is fantastic. I rarely feel the need to look for icons or stare at the map, the world does a great job guiding players to interesting/rewarding places.


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