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My hopes for the future of the Resident Evil series


Yea, yea, I know. "But the latest game just game out 3 days ago! You're already planning for RE6?". And my answer is yes. Yes I am. The second the credits began to roll on the morning of the 15th, I was ready for RE6. Of course, we won't be seeing RE6 for years. I think at most maybe 5 years, but the date doesn't matter at the moment, what does matter is that its almost guaranteed that we will get it. It doesn't matter when. As long as it happens before my inevitable demise, then I can wait.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand, my hopes for the series:

-Return of the slow and stupid Zombies:
You can't say you don't miss them. Play through an older RE game and you'll become nostalgic for them. Now, Im NOT saying get rid of the Las Plagas. No, that would be a waste of a good plot point. I think it would be amazing if they combined the T-Virus, or the G-Virus, with Las Plagas. Think about it. Las Plagas allows for controllable "Zombies", and T makes the dead walk. So you could have the best of both worlds. Shuffling, parasite filled zombies. Imagine playing through RE1, shooting a zombie in the head, and a giant worm like creature springing out (Im not suggesting a remake of RE1 like this, that would be a bad idea. Its just an example). This probably won't happen anytime soon, if at all, but I can dream.

-Another FPS:
No, not RE6 as a FPS, and not another Rail Shooter (Don't get me wrong on that either, I love the Umbrella Chronicles, and I can't wait for Darkside to come out), I mean something along the lines of Dead Aim, or Survivor. I know, that in general, people didn't like these games all that much, but I LOVED them (And this is MY HOPES after all). I think It would be amazing to see the main characters of these games in a follow up. A sequel to them would be a welcome addition to my collection.
-A sequel to a RE game with an original main character that has only been in that game
Like a sequel to RE:Survivor, or maybe a game starring HUNK, or a game staring the guy from Dead Aim. The sequels to Dead Aim/Survivor don't even have to be FPS like mentioned above, I just wanna see them in a follow up.

-Outbreak File 3
I want this to happen so bad. I know that it may or may not (probably not) happen, but if it did, I would be over joyed.
-A sequel to Outbreak staring one of the playable characters from Files 1 and 2.
Think of it. After escaping a city full of zombies, wouldn't YOU want revenge on Umbrella? So why not? It would make sense. They Join one of the Anti-Umbrella groups, train hard, eventually become good enough to hold their own. Hell, Kevin is already a cop right? So he can already handle himself. It would be a great game, especially if it was classic RE style.

(Im not purposely using PAL boxart, just kind of happened)

-ANY Original Character RE game
Yea, I know, last 3 or 4 have been similar to this, but I cannot stress enough how much I like Cannon side stories.

-A game where you play as Ada:
Self explanatory.

-Remakes of 2 and 3 with great graphics like the REmake on Gamecube had.

-A new game with Claire that uses either the RE4-5 style, or reverts to the RE0-CV style:

-Sheva to be a recurring character in future


-Something involving Barry.
What the hell happened to him anyway? He was the pilot of the escape copter in RE3, but thats the last you hear of him. I want a full 3D game starring Barry.

-Something Involving Rebeca Chambers:
Why does everyone disappear?

-On that note, what ever happened to Carlos? So something involving Carlos.
He lived through RE3, so where the hell did he go?

-A sequel with blonde Jill
This is a given. Blonde Jill is kinda hot, therefor fanboys will go rabid, buy it, and fund another RE game. Extra points if she wears her RE3 skirt.

(This next one might be considered a spoiler of RE5, so be warned)
-More explanation of what the hell Spencer meant when he said Wesker was the only surviving Wesker child or whatever he said.
A game offering further explanation on that would be great. Hell, it could mean that Wesker is a clone, and then we might have to kill another one of the bastards.

-A game where you get to play the scenario in the Spencer mansion, leading up to the epic fight with Wesker at the end.
Because Flashbacks just don't cut it

-A prequel to RE0
Because 0 isn't low enough, I want -1. You hear me Capcom!? -1!

-A game I can't put down easily
I have to admit, though the last several RE games have been good (RE4, UC, 5), after I beat them I just set them down and walked away. I want a game SO good, that I don't wanna stop right after I win.

-Never to see Jill with a baseball cap on again
It just bothered me. I have NO idea why, but it did. Gives me the creeps..

And last but not least:
-Something that will scare me so much that I almost unwillingly urinate.
RE5 wasn't very scary...like not scary at all

Ridiculous things that will never happen you say? Maybe. Maybe not. Lets see. I mean, some of these are so general that they could easily happen.


Oh, almost forgot! Happy Birthday Destructoid.
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