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I’ll never look at Toad the same way.


The great thing about marathon training, is that I’ve slimmed down so much that I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years. The bad news is that those clothes have gone way out of style.


Trying to think of a funny caption. Don’t think it’s necessary.


It’s been a week from hell. Just want to go home and start drinking heavily.


Gave blood today at work. The phlebotomist complimented me on my veins. Feeling buff.


I thought I escaped the Lizard People when I left my last job. Alas, they have infiltrated my client’s IT department. Stay tuned.


The most disturbing mini golf hazard ever. It shall haunt my dreams forever.


I just left for a 3 day trip and I forgot my Switch at home.


Without fail, every time my wife leaves me with the little one, the little one repays me by filling up her diaper with a dump that would choke a billy goat the moment my life leaves.


Here’s me trying to explain how some new web features work to some clients.


Here’s my plan at work for the afternoon, before anything else breaks.


My Friday morning at work in a nutshell.


At my 6 year old daughter’s swim meet. Was giving her some pre race advice. Perhaps I’m a bit too competitive compared to the other parents.


Trimming the wife’s bush. I like it to be neat and trim, but she likes it to grow a bit more wild and natural.


Someone at the office over did it with the cologne today.


I hope the French don’t let this World Cup win go to their heads.


Everyone agrees that opening the mysterious 2000 year old black sarcophagus is a bad idea right? Isn’t this how every mummy begins?


I’m stuck in a conference room in a client status meeting and I can hear my coworkers in the next conference room watching the England v. Croatia match.


When you work for a French company, you’re expected to goof off during the World Cup and watch Les Bleus. No complaints from moi.


My reaction this morning opening my work email after taking a few days off.


I am developing an unhealthy obsession for desiccated meat snacks.


The wife has ordered that I start teaching my 6 year old daughter Italian. For shits and giggles, I’m also teaching her some pretty vulgar Sicilian dialect expressions, because she should know her heritage.


Highly toxic individual gave his notice today at the office. No one seems broken up about it.


I stepped outside briefly this afternoon and immediately regretted the decision.


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