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Microsoft Should Start Over and Re-Announce the Xbox One

It's been a crazy month for Xbox fans. Microsoft has been acting like a confused hormonal teen since the initial announcement for the Xbox One. The messaging has been confusing and disjointed which dumbfounded gamers at best, and at it's worst, really pissed people off. However, they've changed and are crawling back. They need to prove how sorry they are once and for all and my recommendation is that they call everyone back and re-announce the damn thing. No, I have not been drinking, just hear me out.

The initial unveiling mentioned nothing about games, but rather touted the system's media chops. Microsoft really squandered an opportunity to get ahead of Sony, since the PS4 console unveiling neglected to to show an actual console.

Then at E3 Microsoft muddled through an awkward and confusing presser. Unveiled some horrible DRM, came down hard on used games, and generally confused everyone with cloudy messaging that really didn't put the up coming console in the best light.  This left  Sony with a huge opportunity to drag them through shit.

Sony did not disappoint in their presser. They hit all the right notes and said exactly what the crowd wanted to hear. Sony came out as the champion for gamers everywhere, which sounds totally ridiculous since let's face it, Sony doesn't have the best track record when it comes to being pro-consumer.

Well, a lot has changed since E3 and today. Don (soldiers can buy an Xbox 360) Mattrick, took his foot out of his mouth long enough to hightail it to Zynga of all fucking places and Microsoft has made an unprecedented 180 on the maligned features of the Xbox One that gave everyone the urge to nut punch themselves.

Here's what I think of your 24-hour check-ins.

Online check-ins, DRM, etc... Gone. Self publishing for Indies... Confirmed. Possibility to turn off the Kinect... Maybe. I don't know about you, but I'm confused more confused than normal. Sure, some sites have tried to capture everything, but if Microsoft wants to really win some folks back, they should just get everyone back and call a do-over.

How great would it be hear Microsoft finally clear the air, admit that they fucked up and tell us exactly what the Xbox One is all about, once and for all. Get folks excited again and get a clear message out there.

It's not like Microsoft is is not making waves already by removing and adding features to the system that just a few months away. They really disappointed a lot of folks at their presser, the least that they can do is give Xbox fans what they've been clamoring for, and that is clear direction of what we can expect from the system.
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