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Street Fighter IV? F*ck That...

Sorry to be so in your face and all but; the new announcement of Street Fighter is cool and all, and I'm very glad to see it getting revisited, I just couldn't help but thinking to myself "Fuck Street Fighter I want a new Marvel vs. Cap...


UT3 Rated E, COD4 TV Spot

I hate multiple cBlogs in a row so here's one Unreal Tournament III Ok, so after all the beautiful screenshots and amazing advances in graphical technologies, we are still here looking at player models that are just... Tiny. I'm ho...


A Party with the "Soft"

It's often said, "It's not what you know, but who you know" in my case today, that couldn't be more true. A good friend of mine was getting rid of some old computer's over craigslist, and finally found a taker. Anyway, we get to the meeting...


Unreal 3 the Series?

I came across this article on and I couldn't help but wonder if its really not as hard to work with as some people would leave you to believe. Studio 2.0, the original programming, digital production arm of the Warner Bros. T...


Halo 3 Press Release

This is a press release got from Microsoft Yes I know it's long but, there is a lot of info here The Countdown is On – Gamers Prepare for Halo 3 Release on September 25th “Unite to Fight: Halo 3 Launch Week” Invites Fan...


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