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Best $130 I Evar Spent!!!1

'Tis the time o' the season.. With that being said, I put up the old Christmas tree like every year. But, there was just something that was missing... I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but after thinking to myself I came across someth...


Craigslist Find I Can't Resist

So I was sitting here at work surfing my normal sites when I came across a link to a craigslist post which I always have a spot in my heart for. There is just something about these that I find so hilarious even if they are real. Here is the...


Street Fighter IV? F*ck That...

Sorry to be so in your face and all but; the new announcement of Street Fighter is cool and all, and I'm very glad to see it getting revisited, I just couldn't help but thinking to myself "Fuck Street Fighter I want a new Marvel vs. Cap...


UT3 Rated E, COD4 TV Spot

I hate multiple cBlogs in a row so here's one Unreal Tournament III Ok, so after all the beautiful screenshots and amazing advances in graphical technologies, we are still here looking at player models that are just... Tiny. I'm ho...


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