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The Winners of my Prom-test!

So as you all better know I had a contest to take someone to PAX. If you want to join that you are much too late. It is now my solemn duty to present the winners. I want you all to imagine I'm doing this like Leia at the end of Star Wars. ...


I Want to Take You to Prom.

I don't know if you guys have heard but there is a little thing coming up called Prom... or PAX. Every year at this event dtoiders advertise themselves and get other more fortunate dtoiders take a representation of them to the show. I am ...


The Destructoid Communicast!

Alright guys, I like making podcasts, and I like the Destructoid community, and I haven't had enough to do lately. This has lead to quite a bit of thinking to be done, and quite a few ideas to execute. One of these ideas is something I like...


Whatever the opposite of a miracle is.

Look at that giant sad puppy. It's massive. You folks may know that I host a podcast. Recently I had started making posts about the episodes over here and some people seemed to be enjoying them. Unfortunately calamity has struck and withi...


RandyDixon and Occams liked the last one.

Look at that, the big name Dtoid members keep on coming. This means you, dear reader, should love it as well. This has some Super Mario Galaxy/2 spoilers and some House of the Dead spoilers. I really liked this week's podcast, and our new p...


Only Because SteezyXL Liked the Last Podcast.

So I made another podcast (this one is sans Tactix though) and I decided to put it up here again if only because SteezyXL liked it. So this one is for you buddy. Download Here is the list of topics we talk about (in order) so if there ...


I made a podcast

Actually I've made quite a few, but this is the first I've thought to put up for the loving people of Destructoid. I feel like you all will like this one especially as it happens to have someone in it who goes by the name of Tactix. Whoeve...


Some Thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy 2

I recently beat Super Mario Galaxy 2. This may not seem like something big to most people, but I'm not most people. I have a very serious problem. I rarely finish games. This usually comes down to one of two things: either distraction or...


Some Thoughts on Lost Planet 2

This past Saturday I got to go down to the Destructoid San Francisco headquarters to play Lost Planet 2 with some members of the community and the Destructoid editors. I ended up playing the game for somewhere near 7 hours straight and i...


The Destructoid Game List

A few months back I saw an experiment that one of the editors at Kotaku did at GDC (although I can't seem to find it nor remember who wrote it), but it was a list of 10 games and it was titled the 10 best games of all time. The list was t...


The E-mail I sent to Anthony Burch

The happy couple + me. I want to thank you for everything you have done for the gaming industry as a whole and me personally. One year ago I had to choose where it was I wanted to go to college, and what I wanted to do with the rest of m...


Why Grind?

If you are an aficionado of shitty music you are most likely familiar with the quote, I never made the most of my time when I thought that I had plenty of it. I heard this quote shrieked at me today by some whiny androgynous teens via P...


Anthony Burch's UC Berkeley lecture.

In case you didn't know Anthony Burch did a lecture at UC Berkeley this past Monday (March 8th) and I was nice enough to record the whole damn thing on video for you poor suckers who don't live nearby. I'm going to apologize in advance fo...


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Nobody really knows what Spencer does. Technically some sort of Community Manager Spencer has also been known to stand in front of cameras and talk to people. Additionally, he's a hot hunk o' man.

Aside from these studly endeavors, Spencer loves indie games in a way that would make most people blush and has played more hours of Pokemon than any one person should.

Apparently ethics statements are a thing we're doing now so I guess I have to put that here:

I'm friends with several indie developers and I worked at Gamestop at one point in my life. I really love hotdogs.

I'm pretty sure those are the only biases I could think to air.
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