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I decided to make Monster Hunter Rise the first MH where I really put in effort to learn what makes it fun, and I'm glad I did. I'm still going slower than most, but I'm definitely getting into the groove of it.


That second Pfizer dose kicked me in the teeth. Didn't really feel anything after the first dose, but I didn't expect the 103 fever from this one. PSA: try to get the second dose on a Friday!


Pretty much everything on this channel slaps.


I wanted to like Paper Mario: The Origami King. I did, for a little while. It's charming and well-written. Then came the bosses. It's not that I can't solve those puzzles, it's just that I don't want to. The juice isn't worth the squeeze. For that reason:


I've always liked the celebrity animorphs.


Remember what things were like in the days before The Council? ...me neither.


I have Monster Hunter World and Generations Ultimate, but never got far into either. I really want to get into the series, and I'm tempted to get Rise. Should I get that and make it my first real Monster Hunter experience, or go with one I already have?


Oh yeah. Kaze and the Wild Masks scratches that DKC itch.


Mass Effect was the first game where I chose a custom female character instead of a male. A great decision, as Jennifer Hale's performance was fantastic across all three games. To me, Commander Shepard will always be female. #Womantoid


Alwa's Legacy (and Alwa's Awakening) are both tightly designed metroidvanias with excellent and well thought out mechanics. I highly recommend both of them. #indietoid.


My PS4 didn't get much love this year... Or did it?


Does anyone remember Sword & Poker on iOS? I loved that game (and its sequel). I can't find anything like it elsewhere (I have Android now, and I think even the App Store delisted the games). Any suggestions?


So good. Skip to 0:56 if you want to skip the lengthy intro.


Top 5 from 1999: System Shock 2, Super Smash Bros., Chrono Cross, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Pepsiman


Max Richter's album Voices is what we all need right now.


Tell me this doesn't sound like it could have come from a Donkey Kong Country game.


The announcement of a new Sam & Max game completely made my day.


For anyone who liked Danger 5, the people who created/wrote it made a series of hilarious shorts called At Home Alone Together recently. Worth checking out.


They're really going for an "M" rating this time, aren't they?


I really lick the posts today.


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