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Some pretty accurate Resident Evil 5 predictions[spoilers probably]

I'm so pumped for Resident Evil 5 that I'm constantly playing the demo everyday and watching the trailers almost the same; so if you're a true Resident Evil fan at heart, feel free to read what I think, are some of my predictions with the story and how it may turn out. Please note that the following speculation I have gathered and gone all fan-giddy with have mainly come from places pieces together from different trailers. Well enjoy.

So who is the girl in the bird mask?

That's quite of hard question to answer, but I personally think it's Jill. By piecing together some lines thrown out from Wesker such as "We last met in the Spencer Estate" to telling Chris "Your partner has arrived. I'll give you time to..catch up" sort of states the obvious. Sure Sheva maybe Chris' partner in this game, but she's pretty much with you all the time. So what other partner could it be? Also if you look closely while Bird-Girl is fighting, they flash the Jill Valentine gravestone frame for a quick second. This makes me come to believe that the woman we saw inside the tube is Jill Valentine, going through some type of experiment to make her super-powerful or something. Why does Wesker want her? Is it obviously going to be part of some elaborate plan? Well, duh. It's Resident Evil.

It was all a setup. Really?

With the scenes with various members of the BSAA rushing in somewhere(can't remember where), to Chris' line something or another of it being all a setup, makes me think that the BSAA is all a setup by Wesker himself. Soldiers dropping like flies and getting infected like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps the BSAA is a cover for Wesker's plan to revive Umbrella, and by having a group of elite soldiers fall for the ol' bait and switch(we saw this with S.T.A.R.S. at the Spencer Estate), it seems that Wesker is once again the master at creating false organizations for the sake of his own experiments. There's also going about on the RE5 official website where the message "Sheva Knew" can be seen in the background.

The Las Plagas T-Virus. Wait, what?

In Resident Evil 4, it was stated that the Las Plagas was in no way related to the T-Virus at all, and Ada was playing a double agent role, pretending to help Wesker but at the same time retrieving a sample for the company that she's really working for. Now in 5, we have a parasite that pretty much is the Las Plagas, but under a different name and form. Infected people grow tentacles out of their head, parasitic bat-like creatures fly out of their bodies, normal animals such as alligators and dogs are mutated beyond size and growing additional body parts(the dogs splits their heads into two different ones). If Capcom has done the story right(in this case I'm pretty sure they tried to sum it up), Kijuju(the game's location) is supposed to be the origin of the T-Virus deep underground and the original starting point for Umbrella(as seen in the trailer with Chris wiping off the dirt to reveal an Umbrella logo). Also shown in that scene are flowers with spores coming out of them, differentiating itself somewhat from the fossilized state the Las Plagas were in. It seems that Umbrella has extracted these spores into a vaccine and with scientific technology, it evolved into many viruses such as the T, G, and Progenitor Virus(which is the plot device for RE5). However while the incident in Raccoon City might have mutated it's hosts on it's own regards, it failed to correctly dominate human test subjects as they were instantly killed and "zombified". While the Las Plagas went through multiple stages of growth inside of a human host, the T-Virus barely did anything but make them flesh hungry. The only human subjects close to resembling those of the Las Plagas would be the Tyrants, whom grew massive arms, tentacles of death and pretty much almost close to be invincible. There isn't really much I can say here, but I hope Capcom can explain all of this, as it's very confusing and to be quite honest, I don't even see how the hell this "parasite" relates to the Umbrella distributed viruses in the first place, especially if RE4 was just a "side story" and had nothing to do with Umbrella, at all.

Welcome to Kijuju my friend, I hope you enjoy your stay

All Resident Evil games never take place in the same area for too long. Resident Evil went from Spencer Estate, to Residence, back to Spencer Estate again then finally the Lab. Resident Evil 4 went from the Village, to the Castle, to the Island. So far we've seen Chris and Sheva battle it out in humid, dry villages and towns, in a factory like facility, on a bridges, in a desert and in some underground caves what looks like to have some type of castle underneath or something. Newer trailers have shown Chris and Wesker duking it out in a mansion-like area, and a really massive laboratory. Perhaps this is where the "traditional" Resident Evil comes in, replacing the explosive action sequences with "creepy dark atmospheres". Either way, the game's scenario looks like it will translate smoothly through these environments, and while I'm disappointed Capcom took away the heat and humidity effects(Chris needing to adjust his eyes to see, seeing mirages of enemies), I'm sure Capcom will throw some suspense surprises here and there to keep us all on our toes.
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