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My Wiii felt neglected and died.

After spending so much time with my 360, my Wii decided to enter depression and die. With the abundance of unnecessary wiring being exposed, I disconnected and put away my Wii and PS2, and left my 360 out along with my Logitech speakers and Widescreen LCD monitor.

Today a friend came over, and we were in a nice discussion between F-Zero and Wipeout. I had insisted to let him play F-Zero GX, so I pulled out the Wii out of the box to plug it in only to find out...

it's dead.

Plugged the Wii into the outlet, the orange standby light comes on, but once you press the power button or eject button, it flashed a quick yellow-green light and turned itself off.

I suppose after being neglected once the 360 landed and took up 99% of my time, it decided that it was best to leave this Earth silently and unnoticed.

While we had some good times together(Brawl, Mario Galaxy, VC games), it was best that we moved on. The casual library of upcoming and recent titles were nothing to be excited about, and gimmicky controls and games proved that.

So, my Nintendo Wii,


....and I'll just give Nintendo a call in the morning. I've got over 30 Virtual Console games on there!
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