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Top 10 games of 2017


Top 10 games of 2017


Another year, and one more time for people to make lists that don’t matter to anyone but them.

These are my top 10 favorite games of 2017


#10 Blue Reflection https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2e/Blue_Reflection_cover.png

Growing up with Sailor Moon I always wanted a Magical Girl game.

With its unique cast of characters fast based but fair combat System, and heartwarming story Blue Reflection delivers just that and more.

#9 Dot Hack G.U. Trilogy Last Recodehttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4372/36723077165_241dfc6887_b.jpg

After Years without word about a new Dot Hack Game This Amazing game brings back a PS2 classic with new and improved Visuals. The story is fun as hell once you get the hang of it. I only hope that one day this game gets an anime adaptation that is as popular as Sword Art Online.


#8 DOOM VFR Image result for doom VFR

I love games with good stories, but sometimes you just need to kick back relax and have fun. That is exactly what Doom VFR is. A super fun shooter for Virtual Reality.


#7 Horizon Zero Dawn.Image result for Horizon zero dawn

Robot Dinosaurs Check, Kick ass Protagonist Check,

Tight gameplay oh you bet. Horizon Zero Dawn is a great game from start to finish, with incredible visuals, and a story that keeps you hooked till the end, this is one game that you will be playing for Hours on end.


#6 Sonic Mania Image result for Sonic Mania

Finally After years of garbage Sonic fans can raise their heads high with Sonic Mania.


#5 Uncharted 5 The Lost LegacyImage result for Uncharted 5

Taking what we loved from all the previous games and compiling them all into this game; Lost Legacy is an incredible spin off turned full game by the pro devs at Naughty Dog.


#4 Nier Automata

Image result for Nier automata

A successor to one of last generations hidden gems, count me in. With its incredibly diverse gameplay enriching story, music and story Nier Automata is the game fans of niche games like Nier deserve. Now if only we could get a sequel to Singularity.


#3 Super Mario OdysseyImage result for Super Mario Odyssey

Without a doubt one of the best platformers of this generation;

Super Mario Odyssey is The Nintendo Switched Best game.

#2 Nioh Image result for Nioh

Medieval Dark Souls, count me in.

I put over 200 hours into this game, and I still want more. So much so that I purchased the game new 3 times just to support the Developers. Seriously everyone buy this game.


#1Persona 5 Image result for Persona 5

With over 300 hours of my life and Counting Persona 5 is the biggest time sink of the year for me. Everything form the Characters, to the acid jazz soundtrack and kick ass combat system make this one hell of a game, and my game of the year.

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