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Top 10 3rd party Gamecube games.


The Nintendo Gamecube had its fair share Criticism for its lack of developers who wanted to make games for it other than Nintendo, but these 10 games show that despite not having the as big an install base as the PS2 the Gamecube definitely had people who cared about it. These are the top ten best Gamecube games that were not made by Nintendo.

#10 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle  One of the All time best 3D Sonic Games, Adventure 2 was one hell of a good time when I was a kid. It had a great soundtrack and fun multiplayer


#9 Tales Of Symphonia  An Incredibly underrated RPG Symphonia boasts a huge story and great cell shaded Character designs.


#8 Soul Calibur 2 

While not an exclusive the Gamecube Version of Soul Calibur 2 had the advantage of letting you play as Link.



#7 Star wars Rogue Squadron 2  Being a Star Wars fan I had to play this and I’m glad I did. While it might not be as good as Battlefront 2 it is still an incredibly fun game that made up for the lack of a good star fox game on the gamecube



#6 Godzilla Destroy all Monsters Melee.  An incredibly fun brawler Godzilla destroy all monsters Melee was packed with hours of content and fun characters to play as. Instead of giving you dozens of playable monsters that all feel the same, this Godzilla game let you play as 11 characters but makes each one feel unique.


#5 Lord Of The Rings The Twin Towers.  Believe it or not There was a time when EA was not a company that was fixated on giving you as little for your money as possible and bilking you with microtransactions. Lord of the Rings THe Twin TOwers is one of EA’s best. Faithfully adapting a movie while still being a fun game isn’t easy but this game did it right.


#4 007 Nightfire  One of My all Time Favorite James Bond games I would even go as far as to say it’s as good as Goldeneye THere was so much to do you could shoot your way through everything, or be stealthy and sneak around. You had access to all of Bond’s gadgets such as a watch laser/taser/dart gun. THe game had an original plot So the developers weren’t restricted to follow a movie. This game as well as The World is not enough makes me wish Eurocom was still around.


Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem  One of the Only 6 M rated Games on the Gamecube Eternal Darkness Truly shined as a games that would go down as an all time classic. It’s just a shame that after many creative disputes between the developers at Silicon Knights, (and after they're co founder Ken Mccullough was arrested for possession of child porn) We will likely never get a sequel.


#2 Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes. One of My all time Favorite games Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes took the first Metal Gear Solid game and updated it with Metal Gear solid 2’s controls and graphics It’s a shame that this gem has yet to be ported to anything else.



#1 Resident Evil 4.  Was there ever any doubt Resident Evil 4 Revolutionized both the action, and the horror Genre. WIth the introduction of the over the shoulder camera and a massive 30+ hour campaign add to this top notch graphics sound and lighting effects and you have one of the best games of all time. Why Capcom hasn’t remastered this game for PS4 And Xbox One I have no idea.

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