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The top five things I want in the next Smash Bros

Nintendo's e3 press conference is slated for tomorrow so I was wondering what people wanted to see the most in the newest smash bros game. With only 3 releases in the past 17 years I think I can say that Nintendo hasn't been the most attentive father to the Super Smash Bros franchise.

Each new release does offer substantial content, but the premise has been the same throughout I.E. Knock the opponent off of the platform to win. The following features are what I would like to see Nintendo apply to the franchise.

5. Energy bars. A lot of characters in the previous smash bros game could pull off overpowered combos just by repeatedly using the same attack, (I'm looking at you Metaknight)  If a character does have an attack that does substantially more damage than average, or a projectile attack , then I would like to see that attack tied down to an energy meter that replenishes over time. I'm not saying that it should be too restrictive, but this is a good way to balance out characters who have projectile attacks against characters who don't. I mean seriously what is this a fighting game or laser tag?

4. A little more depth to the level creator/Being able to play online in user created levels.

In Smash Bros Brawl their was a level editor that let you choose from 3 basic backgrounds. You could fill up the level with whatever you wanted provided that it was what the game offered you.  Now in 2008 little big planet was released for ps3 and it was amazing. The amount of level customization and depth was incredible for a kids game. the key selling point of that game was to create your own level and share it.
 I want to be able to do the same thing for the next smash bros game.  I want to make a level , show it off and have people vote on weather or not they want to play it.  I would love to use the Wii U's game pad to take pictures of things then upload then to my console, and use that as a background, or even as objects you can stand on.  Have people vote your level up if they like it. Little big planet did it back in 2008, so what's to stop Nintendo from doing it now.

3. Better Online Play.

From friend codes, to lag issues brawls online multiplayer was not very good.  I would like to see a significant amount of care being put into developing an online community for this game, Leaderboards, high score co op challenges, and more modes would definitely keep this games multiplayer from being the butt of industry jokes for years to come.

2. NO stupid peripherals.

They say less is more, and in this case people are right.  The last thing I want to see is some figurine that you can buy to place on your Wii U's gamepad to make your character stronger. With all the money that Nintendo has put into Disney infinity I wouldn't be surprised if they were planning to sell you more powerful versions of attacks for 10 bucks a piece.  I can see it now "Do you wanna upgrade your Charzards flame thrower to Fire blast, how about Pikachu's electro shock to thunderwave then buy smash bros infinities for the Nintendo Wii U." I don't think anyone wants this, but Nintendo might do it given the incredible sales records of all their consoles gimmicks.

1. Connectivity between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

I know this may sound contradictory to my last request, but if Nintendo wants to release the game for both 3DS and Wii U, then they should encourage interactivity between both consoles. Since the roster is the same on both platforms would it be to much to ask to be able to use the 3ds to unlock all the characters on the Wii U version and vice versa.
How about being able to trade stickers to upgrade characters. This way a person who only has a 3ds could go to a friends house who only has a Wii U, and they could help one an other unlocks the characters on their system, as well as share upgrades, and stages.

I guess I'll have to wait tomorrow to find out, in the meantime give some feedback and tell me what you want to see in the upcoming smash bros game.
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