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Johnny Lee Turns More Wii Remotes into Amazing

This man is nothing short of amazing. If game developers listened to him, some incredible things would come out, things that were actually not possible at all on any other platform. Super expensive 3D screens have nothing on this thing.


Underrated Characters: Dr. Bad-boon

In the past year, some of the best-written games to ever grace the industry were released. I think we can all agree on that. The villains, in particular, were all deep, fantastically written, and great enemies all-around, from GLaDoS with h...


A Brief History of Spartacus, pt. 1 of 2

Every hundred years, a Spartacus is chosen to do whatever it is a Spartacus does for the next century. Since 1997, that Spartacus is the one and only me, Spartacus. Certain powers and abilities come with this most cereal title to help the S...


What Is A Fearow?

Fearow is a flying type Pokemon, number 022 in the Pokedex. It is the evolved form of Spearow and takes 3,840 steps to hatch from an egg. This has been a public stupid announcement by Spartacus.


What Is A Nero?

As you can see, this is a Nero, from Lunar Knights for the DS. He is the terrenial, or animal spirit, of darkness and the companion of Lucien, the main character. That is all.