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GT5 needs two things that GT5P didn't have...


I've always been a fan of racing games, every since I first played Mario Kart 64. Those were the good old days, when I was younger and times were simpler. Actually even today I crank out Mario Kart DD once in a while for late night multilayer gaming. I later moved up to Need for Speed starting with Hot Pursuit. That game's offline multiplayer was a blast, especially the cop chases. Then I moved up to the world of GT and later Grid, the more realistic driving games. It took a little while getting used too but I've always chased after realism and now I love GT. Now I'll agree that GT5P is realistic as it is and I was impressed, but there is always room for improvement. Here are two realism improvements I hope for, in GT5, next spring.

Rollovers, Flips, and Cars crashing off the ground in general Imagine if you were driving a Mini copper with its height tuned up high and you went around a sharp bend too fast. What would happen? Well lets just say your world would be spinning :p

A sophisticated damage system Grid's damage system has got to be the best I've seen. Not only because of the visuals, but for anybody who hasn't played grid, their is a little damage indicator in the corner, that shows various components of your car and their damage state. Not only that, but damage to your car would change the cars control and performance. For example if your right wheel was squashed inwards, you may find it hard to turn left. It is also possible to completely "total" your car, meaning you can no longer race. A damage system like this is what I'm hoping for in GT5 which is why I'm glad the game was delayed. The current damage system doesn't look to promising at the moment. In case you're interested here is what it looks like at the moment:

Looks like "Burnout 3: Takedown" from years ago Right?

Their really isn't anything else major that I can think of at this moment. The two things listed above are really the only thing, I think, is holding GT back from being A "Full Driving Simulator". Hopefully Polyphony have realized this and are working on these. I know they are working on the damage system, but it isn't quite up to my standards yet.
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