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About SpaceHelicoptersone of us since 11:08 PM on 01.14.2009

My name is Ryan. Iím currently a student at Indiana University but am from Ohio. To clear a couple things up, Iím not a Lt. Col. in real life and am not in the military. Itís up to speculation whether or not I am a space helicopter though. Iíve played about 16 MMOís and have seen the sun twice.

Some games I like:

-The Thief series

-Baldurs Gate/Icewind dale

-Oddworld 1 and 2

-Everything Dynasty Warriors related

-The first Tenchu Stealth Assassins game

-Theme Hospital


-The Valve games (orange box, L4d etc)


-Legend of Legaia/Legaia 2 and Legend of Dragoon

-The Way of the Samurai


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